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Top 10 Cricket Stadiums in Australia

Cricket is one of the most famous sports in Australia, the play domestic and international leagues. Cricket brings about attention in all areas of Australia and is mostly seen as a national sport.

More than a 1.3million persons in Australia joined the crowd to play this game from the years 2015-2016 which put it at the top of the list in sporting events concerning Australia.

Australia is known in the cricket world as the country with one of the most amazing cricket grounds in the globe filled with new technology and big stadiums that could take huge crowds. Australia has more or up to 20 stadiums where numerous international games have been held.

Sit back and let us tell you about some of the best cricket stadiums found in Australia.

1. Melbourne Cricket Stadium

The Melbourne cricket stadium is located at Yarra part, Melbourne. It is the biggest cricket stadium as per landmass and accommodation capacity. This stadium isn’t just popular in Australia, it is a world-renowned cricket stadium.

This stadium is sometimes called the G, it was built in 1853 and has always undergone renovation when needed since it was built. The summer Olympics in 1956 was and also the commonwealth in 2006.

Two cricket world cups have been held in this stadium, 1992 and then later in 2015. The AFL winter matches are also held in this stadium sometimes.

The seating capacity is about 130,000, this was figured out when the Billy Graham’s crusade was held. Although the seating capacity right now is about 95,000. This stadium had its very first cricket game in 1856 between south Wales and Victoria.

2. Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney cricket stadium, numerous cricket games, and sometimes rugby matches have been held in this stadium. This stadium was built cover a century ago and has always been the hosts to some Australian National teams such as New South wales blue cricket team, AFL’s Sydney Swan, and Sydney Sixers.

The first-ever cricket match that was hosted in this stadium was the final game of the civil service tournament and that was on October 1887 and the very first-class match was on February 1878 and was played by Victoria and New South Wales.

Since those two games, the Sydney cricket ground has successfully hosted more than 860 matches. There is a committee that has been able to manage and take care of this stadium, we are talking about the Sydney cricket ground trust. A stadium with over 48k seating capacity.

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3. Adelaide Oval

In a town called Parklands in Adelaide is where this stadium is situated and it is used most of the time for cricket and Aussie rules football. Several other games are being played in this stadium, for instance, rugby and soccer.

The stadium is where the South Australian cricket Association regard to be their main location. This association has been using this stadium as its headquarters since it was built in 1871.

This stadium hosted its first cricket game in November 1877, a game that was played by South Australia and Tasmania. More than 40,000 people can b seated comfortably in this stadium and this was after the renovation in 2008.

Although, one time the stadium happened to hold more than 50,000 people during the 2016 A-league grand finale.

4. The Gabba

The Gabba which is sometimes called the Brisbane cricket stadium, in a town called Brisbane, Queensland is where this stadium is located. The name Gabba came from the region where it is built. The Woolloongabba.

It hosted its first cricket match was in December 1896 and ever since then, countless games have been held in this stadium, even sports like athletics, rugby, soccer, and baseball.

Although the ground is mainly for cricket matches, the cricket period in the stadium is from October to March. It is also where the Queensland cricket Association hosts all their events.

Test matches sometimes are being held here, for instance, the match between Australia and England and some international one-day cricket matches which are mostly hosted in January. Since its creation, the Gabba has been able to successfully host over 660 games.

5. The North Sydney Oval

Similarly to most cricket grounds, the North Sydney Oval isn’t just for cricket, a lot of other sports are being held in this stadium like rugby and soccer.

The stadium is situated inside Sydney, one of the most popular places in Australia. The first game that was hosted here was in 1867 and can hold more than 16000 people. The stadium hosts a nation wide first class team, New South Wales Blues.  

Women’s OD Is and T20ls are also being hosted here. This is one of the best stadiums you would find in Australia.

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6. Carrara Stadium

The Carrara stadium which has been nicknamed or popularly known as the Metricon stadium which was built in Queensland, Australia. Except for the fact that it is being used sometimes for cricket games, it was built mainly for the Australian football league.

This stadium is capable of holding or hosting more than 40k people when used as a concert ground, but for the AFL it takes a little above 25k people and 21k for cricket.

It is home to different Australian teams, like the Australian Cricket team, The Brisbane heat, and the Melbourne Stars.

7. Manuka Oval Canberra

The Manuka Oval which is located in Canberra can host more than or just 16k spectators, 13550 seated, and 12k for cricket. It is home to the Sydney Thunder that uses it as a ground for both the women and the men team. They both utilize this ground for international cricket.

Canberra the beautiful capital of Australia, it has a very elegant view of nature reserves and mountain ranges in the country. It is popularly known as one of the lonely planet’s top cities. It is an extremely elegant place to be.

8. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

This stadium hosts major concerts and big games are mainly played here. The Suncorp Stadium is known majorly as the host stadium to different Australian teams like the Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Roar, the nations, and the Queensland Reds.

It can hold up to 52k people when a very popular match is being played. People love to see popular games because popular stars come to play. The stadium is only a stone throw from Milton Road Rail station. A bridge to walk on which connects the rail to the stadium, it is the best for cricket lovers on the move.

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9. Paterson’s Stadium Perth

Paterson’s stadium has been built since 1908, of course, it has been renovated several times a few times after it was built, adding several technological updates which have made it one of the nicest cricket grounds in the region.

According to Australians, the stadium hosted a very prestigious game in the country which to date is seen as one of the most enjoyed soccer games.

This game took place in 2000, it was one of the best games since the country’s love for sports. The Perth Stadium at Paterson was the host of this iconic game.

10. Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

This stadium is mostly known for concerts and many events, mainly sporting events though. It is a very good place for sports lovers traveling, not just for cricket, rugby, football, soccer and some others.

It holds more than 56k people, it is better to get a ticket as early as you can because the crowd in this particular ground is enormous for most events which are being held here.


It doesn’t matter if you only Stan cricket because these arenas mentioned are mainly cricket grounds but they are also used for other things in the country. Of course, a stadium would have more than one sporting event inside it.

Australia doesn’t just love cricket, they love other sports too as they are also involved with FIFA events also. Australia hosts travelers well, so if ever you want to go for a tour or maybe a sporting event of your choice, the country is always ready to host you.

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