7 Best Female Players In The AFLW


7 Best Female Players In The AFLW – The AFLW has been a massive success, and more and more women are participating in the sport. In fact, the league has seen an increase in viewership and attendance for each game. And with the results of their first season, it’s not hard to see why.

As a result, there are now more opportunities for women to find sponsorships and become professional athletes.

This has never happened before, so it’s exciting to see how far these women will go as they continue playing.

The AFLW has been seen as a game-changer for women’s sports in Australia. It has allowed women to play at the highest level of Australian Rules Football and has shown the world that Australian women can compete with men in their own games.

This article will discuss the top 7 female players in the AFLW.

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Erin Phillips (Adelaide)

Only one player can be called the best in the AFLW.

Undoubtedly, Erin Phillips is a class above. She’s won two AFLW best and fairest The second time, she won it by an astounding eight votes and two best-on-ground decorations in the 2017 and 2019 Grand Finals.

No one can genuinely say if she’s the best as a midfielder or a forward, and nobody knows, but undoubtedly her effect on matches is evident for all to see.

Also, being both dominant in the air and on the ground, Phillips’ power and strength wriggle her out of dilemmas, and she’s tough to cut down.

Even in the unfortunate instance when she was limited to a few appearances in 2018 because of a quad injury, she beat the Crows’ goalkicking count.

Phillips was also sidelined for essentially the initial first game weeks of the AFLW season, recuperating from a torn ACL, not entirely set in stone to return sooner.

Emma Kearney (North Melbourne).

One of just two AFLW best and most attractive champs, Kearney can turn a game with a thrust of power and pace out of the center of the ground.

The influential North Melbourne captain has a destructive mix of speed and expertise, equipped to win the hard ball and erupt from a stoppage, leaving a path of rivals afterward.

Kearney is a three-time All Australian and double cross Western Bulldogs best and most attractive victor, completing second in North Melbourne’s count the year before.

Alongside Paxman, Emma Kearney is the midfield veteran who has been a steady star since the beginning.

She accumulated an average of 21 disposals for every game and drove the North Melbourne midfield from the front. There are not many players more hazardous in space than the opposition.

She averages 20.1 disposals, 4.4 tackles, and 3.0 imprints a match per game.

Brianna Davey (Collingwood)

Almost whenever Davey’s close to the ball, magical things happen on the field.

Contentions have been made about her best position, whether as an overall safeguard or a bullocking midfielder causing destruction in the middle of the pack.

Presently at Collingwood, Davey is undeniably challenging to stop in her stride; her strength is an asset she uses to get her team in the precise many times during matches.

In 2017 All Australian outshone Carlton for the previous two seasons and was named AFLPA skipper of the year after assisting the Blues with ascending from wooden spooners to Grand Finalists.

Ash Brazill (Collingwood)

Seemingly (or without a doubt) a bolter that will cause some conversation, Brazill’s structure was so hot in 2019 that she was named an All-Australian key back in her entire maiden season.

Having missed the vast majority of 2018 with a hamstring injury, the Pie held firm under colossal pressure last year in a safeguard that was continually under the siphon.

Brazill has all the coveted attributes in the AFLW: a tall steady defender who thwarts her opponent’s best advances and is major an equally good interceptor of the ball; she can also be a dashing rebounder with a flourishing kick.

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Karen Paxman ( North Melbourne)

Not one to look for the spotlight, the Melbourne midfielder is one of the most fantastic ball magnets in the opposition.

Just like some of the best players in the game, Paxman has a rare ability to be ahead of everyone else in the play, setting up camp herself behind the space when the ball is in assault and foiling opposition endeavors to make rebounds.

One of a trio to be a three-time All-Australian, Paxman averages 20.1 disposals a game.

Paxman took out Melbourne’s best and fairest in 2019, after coming next in 2017 and third in 2018; such is her consistency.

Once more, the leading figure for consistency, Karen Paxman, has won a lot of the ball, drove Melbourne’s midfield, and never had a casual game.

Very little can be said about Paxman that hasn’t been told.

She has been placed in the top five for score involvement.

Chelsea Randall (Adelaide)

One of just three-time All Australians, a two-time premiership co-skipper of Adelaide has been awarded in excess.

Randall is an outstanding defender to watch, one of the most grounded flying imprints in the game, joined with a consistent head when behind the ball.

The Crow won her club’s 2018 best and fairest and came in second in 2017.

She’ll be sidelined for the better part of this year with a torn ACL, finishing up her three-year reign as the AFLPA’s most brave player, yet it’s basically impossible that this is the last we’ve seen of Randall.

Daisy Pearce (Melbourne)

Daisy Pearce will return to the field after missing out on the previous year because of pregnancy, yet her ability is with the end goal that she easily sits in the leading five despite missing a season.

Quite possibly of the most natural blessed footballer in the league, Pearce seems to process the play quicker than most on the field and leads from the front.

The midfielder is quite simply an enigma and turns up when she’s really wanted most, averaging 20.0 removals, and 5.2 handles a game.

Pearce has two best and fairest successes and two All Australian compartments added to her repertoire and hopes to add to the assortment this year.

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The AFLW is a fast-growing league that has already proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s not only an excellent opportunity for women in sports but also for the fans who support them.

The AFLW is an excellent place for women to play sports. It has given women all over the country an opportunity to compete on a national stage, and we can’t wait to see what happens during the season.

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