5 Richest Cricket Boards in the World

We look at the Richest Cricket Boards in the world in 2022

Among the world’s most-watched sports, cricket ranks second. Cricket is popular worldwide, but in Asia, it is dominated by a charisma that is unique to the region. The game is considered a religion in India, especially. In addition to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, and England, there are also crazy cricket fans in these countries.

1 Board of Control for Cricket India  (BCCI)

With revenues of $512 Million and a net worth of $295 Million, the Board of Control for Cricket India is the wealthiest Cricket Board in the world. Mumbai is the headquarters of the BCCI, which was founded in 1928.

2 Cricket Australia (CA)

With a revenue of $390 million, Cricket Australia, formerly known as the Australian Cricket Board, ranks second with a net worth of $24 million. Founded in 1905, Cricket Australia is one of the oldest cricket governing bodies in the world. It has its headquarters in Melbourne.

3 England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

The English and Wales Cricket Board has an excellent net worth of $59 Million and an enormous revenue of $293.39 Million. Aside from their broadcast rights, the ECB has incredible sponsors like Vitality, Royal London, Lifebuoy, and New Balance, which makes them one of the wealthiest cricket boards worldwide. Lord’s Cricket Ground is the location of the ECB’s headquarters, which was established in 1997.

4 Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

There is no doubt that the Pakistan Cricket Board is taking the 4th position in the rankings thanks to its revenues of $111.45 Million and its net worth of $55 Million. This board has been in existence since 1949, and its headquarters are located in Lahore, Pakistan.

5 Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)

Since the establishment of the Bangladesh Cricket Board in 1977, it has become a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Dhaka is the provincial capital of Bangladesh and the home of the Bangladesh Cricket Board. According to our list, the Board of Bangladesh with earned revenues of $110 Million and a net worth of $51 Million occupied the 5th place.

Fun Fact

Who will be next ICC chairman?

Greg Barclay will complete the two-year term as ICC Chairman of BCCI; hopes for a BCCI ICC Chair put on hold. It is expected that by the end of October, Greg Barclay will conclude his two-year term as chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), before the global body starts the process of finding a new representative in search of the position.

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