5 Places That Every Wildlife Lover Must Visit in Australia

5 Essential Locations for Australian Wildlife Lovers

There is no place on earth where there is a diverse range of wildlife. If you are a wildlife lover then Australia can be your ultimate destination to spend a weekend. There are many opportunities for a close-up encounter with wildlife in Australia.

1.   Kangaroo Island

Five Essential Locations for Australian Wildlife Lovers

Kangaroo Island is one of the most visited spots in Australia where you can encounter the diverse wildlife of Australia. Kangaroo island isn’t not only about islands but is about various other wildlife creatures like koalas, wombats and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Moreover, you can also witness bandicoots, echidnas, wallabies and sea lions on Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island is the only one whose most part is given to the national park due to the diverse range of wildlife here. The famous Flinders Chase National Park and Seal bay conservation park are also located at the Kangaroo Island.

2.   Great Barrier Reef

If you are aware of Sir David Attenborough’s series which is specially dedicated to the Great Barrier Reef must also be aware of the diverse and rich underwater marine life. The Great Barrier Reef is home to millions of unique and diverse ranges of species.

From dolphins to coral cays and many kaleidoscopes of vibrant species of fish, you can find everything here. There are many boat tours which are offered here as fun activities. You can join these boat tours which are especially common in Cairns and Port Douglas. Moreover, you can enjoy snorkelling on the Great Barrier reef. The underwater observatory will make your mind blow as you further explore and discover the mesmerizing underwater beauty.

3.   Phillip Island, Victoria

What comes to your mind when you think about Australian wildlife? Kangaroos? Well, you will be surprised to know that other than kangaroos, there are many other animal species which are living on this great continent-sized country. One such spectacular beauty is offered by Phillip Island. The Phillip island is full of Penguins! Yes, that is true. You can witness a whole long Penguin March at Phillip island.

It is one of the biggest colonies of penguins. You can watch them returning to their little nests at sunset which is a great sight.

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4.   The Eyre Peninsula, SA

The Eyre, Peninsula offers one of the deadliest and heart-throbbing wildlife experiences. If you have watched various shark attack movies like “Jaws” where the cage got detached from the boat, then you exactly know what I am talking about.

Peninsula is a rugged place which offers a various adventurous trip to the visitors. One such experience is the cage-five with the great sharks. If you want to have a face-face conversation with the white sharks of The Eyre, then try entering into one of these cages. Moreover, you can also come across various underwater species like dolphins and sea lions during your cage-dive.

5.   Ningaloo Reef

Another great spot for witnessing the wildlife under the sea is Ningaloo Reef. You can find many whale sharks here which may be inoffensive in most of the cases. They are so large that they can measure anywhere around 40-feet. There are many underwater activities which take place at this spot. You can try scuba diving and enjoy your company with the great whale sharks.

The best to encounter with the great whale sharks in from march to July. Moreover, keep in mind that this fish comes under the category of the world’s largest fish!

Thus, Australia’s wildlife is impressive both underwater and in the lush green rainforests. If you are a true wildlife lover then you must pay a visit to Australia to see your wild dreams come true.

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