5 Movies Like Prisoners That Are Definitely Worth Your Time

Movies Like Prisoners That You Should Watch

If you liked the thriller movie by Denis in 2013, you must admire its story. It is one of the famous movies that attracts many viewers, and they also start looking for similar movies like prisoners. It features self-respect, and any film with the story of self-respect lessons will gain popularity. Therefore, it is one of its director’s huge streaks of English language films.

If you love movies like Prisoners and hunting for other mystery stories, this guide is for you. Here we will share the best movies like Prisoners that you may also like as a thriller movie.

So let’s dive into it.

Jar City (2006)

Jar City is a fantastic movie based on the Arnaldur novel by the Icelandic. In his third popular book series, he writes the adoption story that provides mysterious feelings. However, the jar city has a unique mystery story representing the cultural settings. It features the complex emotions of rich and criminal characters. Jar city becomes your next favorite if you love movies like Prisoner.

Incendies (2010)

Densi Vileneuves strongly resembles the movie prisoner. It features the incredible story of adoption in the same way and is nominated for the best foreign-language film at the Oscar awards. The movie’s plot is similar to Prisoner, but it has more horrifying scenes that make it more engaging. The 6incedies features a fantastic storyline that attracts even more viewers than the Prisoner’s movie and won many awards.

The Silence (2010)

9th Silence is one of the latest movies on the list that have a powerful and engaging story like a prisoner movie. It features the story of a German thriller about the kidnapping and disappearance of a young girl in the modern day. However, all the witnesses have an uncanny resemblance to the horrible unsolved case. It is the turning point where the real adventure of the movie starts. The acting and psychology of all the characters are rewarding and unbeatable, making it one of the most thrilling movies.

Memories Of Murder (2003)

8 memories of Murder released in 2003 that broke the records. The 8memories of murder movie features the Bong Joon Ho breakout that eventually became recognized in the modern classics. His character is fantastic and also has a longer life than other humans. The story has a strong plot that gives more time and space to its team. However, it is one hit movie from South Korea and shares the first criminal murder cases. We can also share it as the mystery but overall, the movie is more intense than the prisoners. It gains more popularity and also ends up hunting for viewers.

Zodiac (2007)

7 zodiac is the masterpiece that disturbs the status of all other thriller movies. David Fincher shares the story of a serial killer through the several keys and figures that help to discover his identity. Jake delivers the story by choosing the different characters through his detective powers used in Prisoner. However, the performance is outstanding and gives an unusual reaction to viewers. It is one of the most attractive movies in the thrilling series.

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