5 Best Movies Like Murder on the Orient Express

Murders On the Orient Express Similar Movies

Do you know about Agatha Christie’s mystery novel? The Murder on the orient express is a thriller novel. The movie also focuses on the ensemble murder of an unscrupulous businessman who dies overnight. However, it is a mystery novel and film with many thriller scenes.

If you live the murders on the orient express, you may want to watch similar movies. Right? Here we will share the five best similar movies that provide unique storylines.

Appointment with Death

The appointment with Death is a fantastic movie with many similarities to Murder on the orient express.

The appointment with Death also revolves around the mysterious death of a widow. The stepchildren are under suspicion as he discovers that his stepmother destroys their father’s will. You will enjoy it as an engaging thriller movie. However, you may not find it successful as it fails to gain commercial success. The performance of all the actors gives it additional power to make it more engaging.

Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile is one of the latest movies released in 2017. Kenneth Branagh directed the movie, and featured the Starring Branagh in the leading role of Poirot. The other movie stars, including Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Ali Fazal and many more, are fantastic to increase its engagement level. However, Death on the Nile features Agatha Christie’s Poirot series. Poirot is on vacation in Egypt, and when he is on a Cruise down, he finds a dead newlywed couple.

It is one of the top-rated movies and contains incredible suspense to attract viewers.

Gosford Park

The Gosford park is also one of the similar movies to Murders on the orient express. The story is based on a murder mystery investigation—the servants and guests at a party in the English countryside. Someone at the party is guilty, and the investigators are also at the party. The family of the murderer also keep secrets and lies for covering Sir Williams’s murderer. However, it is one of the thrilling and full of suspense movies that attract the viewers who love the murder mysteries.

Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery

It is one old movie similar to murders on the orient express. Christopher Petit is the director and the cinematic adaptation of Agatha Christie’s masterpiece. It is one of the fictional creations in which Miss Marple suspects the natural Death in a resort hotel. The murderer was a retired major and also working on investigating the Murder. Therefore it is also famous as the Caribbean mystery movie that you must watch.

Name of the Rose

A unique movie with an attractive title and significant similarities with “Murder On the Orient Express”. It is one of the historical mystery thrillers that adopts the story from Umberto Eco’s novel. William Baskerville is a renowned Franciscan monk who travels to an abbey and suspects Death. He uses his deductive powers and starts investigating the crime. Therefore it is also famous as the historical murder mystery that combines fiction and reality analysis.

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