30 Australian Facts You Probably Don’t Know

30 Crazy Fun Facts About Australia That You Probably Don’t Know About

Australia is full of magic! There is so much to explore that you might need a lifetime to discover every bit of it. You can never get enough of this mesmerizing land which is filled with wonders. This country is the size of a continent and there are so many amazing facts about Australia that you probably don’t know about.

Moreover, it is not only the terrain we are talking about here. But, the unique mix of culture and traditions is also amazing. Thus, there is so much to be unearthed that you need to spend considerable time digging it.

Due to the same reason, Australia receives millions of followers each year. It is one of the best and widely-visited tourist destinations in the world. It is a land of fully diverse sceneries and beautiful landscapes.

Let’s move forward and discuss some of the amazing facts about this beautiful country. You might not be aware of many of these fun facts about Australia. So, let us explore and enjoy the top thirty fun facts about Australia you probably don’t know about.

Fun Fact# 1:  

Australia is known to be as huge as the size of a continent. If you measure the distance from one end to another, it comes out to be equal to the distance between Moscow and London.

Fun Fact# 2:

Once, Melbourne was the richest city on the globe. It was back in 1880.

Fun Fact# 3:

The richest person in Australia is a lady known as Gina Rinehart. She earns up to $600 every single second.

Fun Fact# 4:

The oldest fossil of the world was found in Australia. It is 3.4 billion years old.

Fun Fact# 5:

Saudi Arabia is famous for camels and its vast deserts for centuries. Do you know from where do most of these camels come from? Yes, you are right! That’s the fifth fun fact about Australia.

Fun Fact# 6:

Aussies win the race of spending the most money on gambling in the world.

Fun Fact# 7:

The longest fence of the world is found in Australia. It has a length of 5,14 km long.

Fun Fact# 8:

Did you Athens isn’t the only place for Greeks. Melbourne, Australia is home to the biggest population of Greeks as well.

Fun Fact# 9:

The diversity of Australia can be judged by the fact that there are more than 200 languages as well as dialects which are spoken in this massive country.

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Fun Fact# 10:

It is the second country where women were given the right to vote. It dates back to 1902. It was the time when the suffragette movement began in the sub-continent and other parts of the world.

Fun Fact# 11:

You can easily find kangaroo meat in any other restaurant in Australia. It is as common as meat, salami, and chicken.

Fun Fact# 12:

Although Aussies is a sports-fanatic nation at the same time, it is also one of the obese nations of the world.

Fun Fact# 13:

Australia is the producer of around 1.35 trillion wine bottles each year.

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Fun Fact# 14:

The world’s largest island is in Australia. It is known as Mainland Australia.

Fun Fact# 15:

The popular animal we always associate with Australia is Koala. However, you will be amazed to know that there are more camels in Australia than at Koalas. That is why Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia every year.

Fun Fact# 16:

Love Burger King? Sorry, but you won’t have it in Australia. But don’t worry! It is only the name which isn’t present in Australia. Burger King is under the title of Hungry Jacks in Australia. Everything else is the same.

Fun Fact# 17:

The longest highway in the world is in Australia. Its total length is 9,000 miles.

Fun Fact# 18:

Australia is the largest gold producer in the world.

Fun Fact# 19:

Although it is one of the largest countries in the world. However, it’s shocking that only 24 million people are living here.

Fun Fact# 20:

Every year, there is an incident associated with crocodiles in Australia. The country is known as the home to crocodiles.

Fun fact# 21:

There are absolutely no active volcanos is Australia unlike the rest of the world.

Fun Fact# 22:

There is a radio station in Australia which is the first lesbian and gay radio station in the world. It is known as Joy Radio and it was founded in 1993.

Fun Fact# 23:

You will find more kangaroos in Australia than human beings. According to some reports, there are around 50 million kangaroos there.

Fun Fact# 24:

Australia is the home to the world’s deadliest animals. That includes spiders, fatal snakes, giant octopus, and many other creatures. There are more than 200 species of venomous snakes which are found in Australia. However, there aren’t many people who became the victim of these poisonous animals.

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Fun Fact# 25:

There are more than 10,000 beaches in Australia. According to an estimate, it would take around 30 years to discover each of these beaches if you visit one every day.

Fun Fact# 26:

Although it is an arid region with rugged landscapes. There are even many deserts. The climate is hot and, in many regions, summers are pretty tough. However, there is more snow in Alps Australia than Switzerland.

Fun Fact# 27:

Australia has got its own rules for football. That’s a different version of football from what we normally watch every day.

Fun Fact# 28:

Australia has got many lakes and water bodies. However, what’s most surprising is that there is a pink lake which can be found in Australia.

Fun Fact# 29:

You cannot walk on the right side of footpath in Australia. That’s a rule!

Fun Fact# 30:

World’ largest golf course is found in Australia. It is as long as 850 miles.

So, that’s only some of the amazing facts about Australia you probably didn’t know before. There is so much more to explore. Australia is full of surprises and unique destinations, some of them we just relieved above.

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