Best Books for 2-year-Olds

Great Books for 2-year-Olds

Your child’s 2nd year of life is one of the most important in his formative years. At this age, your child will begin to build his or her vocabulary. Thus, it’s crucial to supplement his or her learning with the best books.

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1. Bath Time for Little Rabbit

Author: Jörg Mühle

This beautifully-illustrated book about a bunny’s bathtime encourages kids to join in the story. This book is superior to typical toddler books because it is interactive. Thus, it’s a good choice for little ones who get distracted easily during bedtime stories.

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2. Goodnight, Numbers

Author: Danica McKellar

This New York Times bestselling children’s book is great for parents who want to encourage their toddlers to count. It’s a good introductory book to teach your little one about numbers. Who knew that math could be this interesting and entertaining?

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3. Potty

Author: Leslie Patricelli

You can also introduce potty training to your toddler through a storybook with Potty. With adorable and colorful drawings, your little one will surely find it easy to pay attention to this book. It’s minimalist but filled with a delightful sense of humor and funny facial expressions.

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4. The Going to Bed Book

Author: Sandra Boyton

Teach your two-year-old about bedtime with this book. It’s loaded with colorful drawings of friendly animals that your kid will adore. It’s a perfect bedtime story that you can read aloud for your little one.

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5. There’s A Wocket In My Pocket

Author: Dr. Seuss

You simply can’t go wrong with a Dr. Seuss book. This book is filled with adorable rhymes that your toddler will find amusing and catchy.

Books are a great way to teach your kids some valuable vocabulary, colors, and actions. At age two, your child is highly inquisitive. Thus, it’s a perfect time to help him or her bring his skills up with some books.

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