10 Baby Names Set to be Popular in Australia 2023

10 Baby Names Predicted to Be Most Popular In 2023

Choosing a baby name always comprises lots of excitement and wonder. The complexity of the task becomes difficult especially within a large family who wants to add their voices. Baby-names listed on the Internet or books provide an opportunity where parents can decide on the best name. It stays a matter of lots of thinking and contemplating. In the article below I attempt to provide a list of baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

1. Emma


Emma presents an original German name and started to become popular during the 19th century. Emma stands for universal or whole, and one of the first persons who received the name included Emma of Normandy. The name received popularity in England after the Norman Conquest of the 11th century. The baby name associated with the medieval time period and popular English books or movies gained significant popularity across the globe. I give the name Emma a number 1 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

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2. Lily


Lily comprises a Greek origin and relates to the meaning of pure. The popular flower name received popularity within the English community environment. Some individuals use Lily as a shortened name for Elizabeth. Using the name Lily especially increased in Northern Ireland and in the Americas. During 1580 B.C. a discovery at the Village Crete exposed the existence of the Lily Flower. The beauty of the plant impressed the Greek local communities and the use of Lily as a popular feminine name started. The Greeks believed that the Lily Flower originated from the milk of Hera, queen of gods. Using Lily as a baby name gives the little one a beautiful start to life. I give the name Lily a number 2 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

3. Freyja

The name Freyja originates from the Norwegian countries that present a noble name to a delightful baby girl. The true and clear name allows for a noble ring to it. In the Norse tradition, the meaning of Freyja means love, war and passion. This Scandinavian name relates to many mythologies of goddesses and breaking of hearts. The inspiring name especially used for girls started to become popular in England and Wales. I give Freyja a number 3 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

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4. Titan

Titan comprises a strong boy name coming from medieval myths and tales. Titan a male name for defender originated from the Greeks and became a popular use in Western society. Titan stands for immortal, powerful, and strong. Titan comprises alternative spelling, namely Titus. The name Titan especially gained interest during 2012 onwards. I give the mighty Titan name a number 4 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

5. Matthew


Matthew, a Greek form of the Hebrew name Mattityahu meaning gift of Yahweh started to reach popularity within the English communities. The boy baby name provides your child with a special tribute meaning. Using the name Matthew started during the middle ages and later adopted by the American community. Diverse versions of the name exist, for example, Matt, Matthios or Matty. In time, the name started to reach popularity in Northern Ireland and the Americas. I give the name Matthew a number 5 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

6. Pearl


The name Pearl refers to a majestic jewel and became popular use to name your baby girl. Pearl stands for precious, faithful and pleasant. Most people who carry the name Pearl prefer a stable family and working environment, added with love and care. The jewel of the sea forms part of all traditions, beliefs and cultures. Subsequently, the use of the name reached popularity across the world. The name provides a clear and strong symbol of female strength. I give Pearl a number 6 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

7. Annika

The name Annika presents a Russian flare with added mystique. The name associated with history, tradition and culture provides a personality of strength. The name Annika gives your baby a name that stands for royalty and strength. Annika means status, uniqueness, and care. In addition, the name gives your baby the opportunity to experience grace and love. The classic name reached popularity from 2005 onwards and keeps going strong. I give the name Annika a number 7 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

8. Victoria


The name Victoria originates from the Latin version of victory and associates with a Roman goddess. The girl baby name popularly used within the English community provides emotions of female strength and mystique. This baby name presents an opportunity to give your child a strong focused name. Diverse historical people used the name Victoria to highlight the strengths of their families. The goddess-like name received popularity by adapting the name to suit different European countries. Alternatives to the name include Viktoria or Vicky. I give the name Victoria a number 8 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

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9. Zoe


The Greek meaning of the name Zoe refers to life and became part of the Hellenised Jew communities. The Alexandrian Jews originally changed Eve to Zoe, both carrying the meaning of life. The significant importance of the name related to the hopes of being immortal and carrying a forever life capacity. The baby girl name increased popularity within diverse communities and especially with the Scottish. I give the name Zoe a number 9 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

10. Adam


The baby boy name referring to the son of the planet, allow a parent to present their child with an earthly name. The name meaning “first” hit popularities on many generations. Adam, referring to the first man presents diverse meanings to different cultures. Indications of use as a name started during the 1700s already and increased during the 20th century. Other versions started to develop for example Addison or Adan. I give the baby name Adam a number 10 on the 10 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2023.

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