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The Yorke Peninsula is one of the famous tourist spots of Australia. It is situated in the north-west and west of Adelaide in the Southern Australia. This peninsula is situated in between the Spencer gulf on the west and the Gulf St. Vincent in the east. The Investigator Strait separates this peninsula from Kangaroo Island to the south. The south west tip of this peninsula is occupied by the Innes National Park. This park is one of the most famous spots of this region. The Peninsula and Park was established in the 1840s.

The Innes National Park:

The Innes National Park spreads over the south west tip of the Yorke Peninsula. This park is one beautiful national park. This park is located at a distance of 300km west to Adelaide. This park provides for a number of entertainment activities to its visitors. You can enjoy camping, bushwalking, surfing etc in the Innes National Park. This park extends its coastal vegetation up to 9,415 hectares. Thus, it contributes significant vegetation in the Yorke Peninsula area. Both, the Innes National Park are full of greenery and serenity.

Explore the amazing sights of the Yorke Peninsula :

As already stated, this area entertains a number of activities for the visitors. Surfing is however considered as one of the most famous activities here. The beaches of Yorke Peninsula are definitely worth a visit. You can carry out a number of activities at the beaches such as swimming, surfing,  and many more. The accommodation facilities at the Yorke Peninsula and Innes National Park are luxurious. And thus the visitors can comfortably rest themselves in the cosy and spacious rooms. The food at the hotels and restaurants is worth relishing. This region hosts a number of events. Explore the place once in your life time . You will surely enjoy the beaches of Yorke Peninsula.

Make sure you visit the inland waterways Murray River & Murraylands.


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