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Palm Cove is one beautiful beach community of Australia. This community is situated in Far north in Queensland. Specifically, it is located at a distance of 27 kilometers north of the city o Cairns. This place has been named after the palm trees that line up this beach, making it all the more beautiful and picturesque. Palm Cove entertains a total population of 1,215 as recorded according to the 2006 census. Arlington Reef is considered as the closest section of the Great Barrier Reef to this place. This place is beautiful and picturesque. You must visit this beautiful place in order to have the time of your life.

History of the Palm Cove:

Before 1918, the land which is considered as Palm Cove today was brought into notice by Albert Veivers from Archdeacon Campbell. He maintained this region as well as brought different agricultural crops to the Cairns region. He also had the first road built in this region. The creation of this road in this picturesque region slowly increased the property values of this region. After World War II, this area began to be used as the training base for the Australian Soldiers. In the year 1896, the opening of the Ramada Reef Resort took place in Palm Cove. Thereafter this town/community continued to gain a national as well as international recognition.

Things to do:

Palm Cove is serene, beautiful and a hub of a number of activities. The beauty of this place itself is enough to attract a majority of tourists towards it. There are various plush hotels where you can get a comfortable accommodation as well as a high-class treatment from the staff. Further, Palm Cove entertains a number of activities such as fishing, beach activities like flyboarding, kayaking, jet-skiing, snorkelling, Frisbee. You can also take part in activities like shopping as well as dining. This place is a hub for spa and relaxation.

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