Windows 10 Tablet Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review:  2015 was the year of Windows 10 convertibles. Windows 10 convertibles gave such hard time to Apple and other brands. Acer and Lenovo gained the extreme advantage of using most latest Windows in their devices.

So how can Samsung leave behind! That’s why finally Samsung unveiled its latest convertible laptop! What I am talking about Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Samsung is already prevailing in the market with its Galaxy smartphones and note.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review

Here in this post, we are going to check what extraordinary features this tablet is offering.

Windows 10 Convertible!

The most important and appealing fact about Galaxy TabPro S windows 10. Microsoft has built the best operating system on the planet in the shape of Windows 10. We can say, it is pretty much alike Surface Pro 4. As both tablet shares same operating system and outlook.

For the complete replacement of the laptop, it comes with the physical keyboard. Undoubtedly, it has the best convertible experience right now.

Why Should You Buy Galaxy TabPro S?

First of all, it comes with the keyboard. You can convert this tablet into laptop anytime. There is no need to carry your heavier laptops. Use this lightweight tablet as a laptop using the keyboard.

What I love most about convertibles is that you have multiple options to use. As you can use as a tablet, with the keyboard or with a stylus. Yes, Galaxy TabPro S fully supported by Stylus touch. In case you want to draw or sketch on the tablet, you are allowed to do so. The stylus will be connected to tablet through the Bluetooth.

Just like its competitors Switch 12 S and ThinkPad Helix S1, it is powered by Intel core M processor.

Galaxy TabPro S is pretty much like its competitors. So why you should buy it? Well, on paper you may not be convinced to buy this amazing tablet. But once you hold it and use it, you will know there is a lot to adore about it.

The first thing that I loved about Galaxy TabPro S is a physical keyboard. You don’t have to spend extra dollars to buy a keyboard. It comes with a keyboard set. So, you can transform into laptop anytime.

Well, its design is not extraordinary. But good at the same time. It is not slimmest as its rivals. But with 6.3 mm thickness, it is the slimmest Windows 10 tablet.

The superb functionality of keyboard is another attractive feature. I got no doubt that its keyboard is much better than competitors in terms of performance. For sure, you are not going to face any input lag using this keyboard.

Unlike its rivals, the display screen is 12 inches and AMOLED instead of traditional IPS. Most tablets in the market only own IPS display screen. AMOLED has the reputation for richer and deeper graphics. In AMOLED, each pixel generates color using the electrical charge. Secondly, AMOLED reduces the power consumption. AMOLED use lower power by connecting with touchscreen layer directly instead of overlapping. As a result, the battery life of the device gets improved.

Galaxy TabPro S is a high-tech device like its sibling smart devices. If we talk about graphics, you will have a sharp and crisp display. Black will be inkier in nature and brightness is just dazzling. For crisp display, it has the resolution of 2,160 x 1,440 pixels. I can say, the colors are not overcooked in this tablet.

Fast charging is another awesome feature of Galaxy TabPro S. Within 2.5 hours, 5,200mAH will be charged fully.

Final Verdict:

So these were the special features about Samsung’s latest tablet Galaxy TabPro S. We all know Samsung is determined to present the best quality products in the market.

Galaxy TabPro S is considerably best Windows 10 tablet in the market. Somehow, it is not the best tablet in the market. But when we are talking about Windows 10 convertibles, it comes on the top names. Even as a general convertible, it comes on the top list.

The attractive features include keyboard and AMOLED screen display. You don’t have to spend extra money to get a keyboard. As it comes with a fully equipped keyboard. AMOLED is a rare thing to see in tablet especially convertibles. Due to AMOLED screen, you can experience crisp display.

Well, Samsung has just unveiled the tablet. Its proper selling will be started in February.


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