Why Woke Comedians Aren’t Funny?

Why Woke Comedians Aren’t Funny? – Comedy is a tricky business. Getting laughs from an audience requires a deft hand and quick wit. It’s also more than that: comedy can be social commentary and make us think about our world in new ways. But there’s one thing that often gets lost in the pursuit of humor: making people laugh. It can be hard to tell if your jokes are landing with an audience when everyone is laughing at different things and that’s what happens when you try too hard to be funny by aiming for woke points instead of just being funny. The following are some reasons why woke comedians are not funny;

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1. They Don’t Want To Take Anyone’s Sides.

In an interview with The New Yorker, the comedian Monique Jones said that she “doesn’t want to take anyone’s side.” There are three points here. First, that there is a need for people who can be funny and politically correct at the same time and yes, they do exist. Second, that there are also some comedians who have managed to do this people like Dave Chappelle or Amy Schumer come to mind. And third: Woke comedians are not funny because they cannot be both politically correct and humorous at the same time.

2. They Are Careful About How The Present Their Points

In a world where comedy is becoming increasingly political, it’s important for comedians to be careful about how they present their points. The reason why Woke Comedians aren’t funny is because they are too careful about how they present their points. They don’t want to offend or shock people, so their jokes lack edge and punchline.

Woke Comedians are afraid of being labelled as racist or sexist, so they censor themselves over time until the only thing left is an echo chamber of safe comedy that no one finds humorous anymore.

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3. They Assume Everyone Thinks The Same Way They Do.

One of the biggest mistakes woken comedians make is assuming that everyone thinks the same way they do. They assume that because they’re woke, everyone else is woke too.

This isn’t true at all. In fact, there are many people who are not woke and don’t want to be woke. When a comedian makes a joke about how stupid or ignorant these people are the so-called “normies” or even worse “triggered snowflakes” it ends up offending these people instead of making them laugh.

4. Comedy Is Supposed To Be Funny, Not Just Meaningful.

Comedy is supposed to be a release of tension a way to make fun of the things that are bothering you. If a comedian’s act is just so meaningful and deep, it can be hard for the audience to find any humor in it.

This doesn’t mean that comedians have no right or responsibility to use their comedy for political or social purposes. But if we want our comedy shows to be successful and entertaining, then we need to make sure that they’re actually funny too.

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Why Woke Comedians Aren’t Funny? – So, what do we take away from all this? It’s simple: comedy is meant to be funny, not just meaningful. We don’t need comedians to tell us what they think or how they feel; we need them to make us laugh. And if you can’t do that? Then maybe it’s time for a new career path.

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