What Did Trump Say About Being Woke?

Donald Trump is a divisive figure. He’s either loved or hated by the public, and he’s often criticized for saying things that are racist and offensive. But what does “woke” mean? It’s a term used in social justice movements to describe someone who is aware of their privilege and actively works to fight against oppression. It can also be used to describe someone who is “awake” from the status quo and sees things for what they really are.

Trump is not a woke person. He has never supported social justice movements, and he often says things that are racist and offensive. But what did Trump say about being woke?

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Trump Said That Being “Woke” Is A Bad Thing

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has repeatedly called people “woke” in his speeches and tweets. He often uses this term as a synonym for “social justice warrior,” and conflates it with being liberal, Democrat, or otherwise left-leaning. However, he doesn’t seem to understand what being woke means and he’s not alone. In fact, many people who use this term are confused about its meaning.

To be woken means that you have become aware of your own privilege and have an understanding of how society works through a broader lens than just that which is taught by mainstream media outlets or even by family members or friends. You can see things from another perspective than what you may have been used to before: race relations might seem different now than they did before more complex, gender identity could appear more fluid now than previously believed less rigid.

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Social Justice Warriors Are Bad, too.

Trump’s understanding of these terms is inaccurate at best. He is not woke, and he is not a social justice warrior. He does not care about people who do not look like him or share in his privileges; he only cares about himself. In fact, Trump has done nothing to help marginalized people in America he has only made their lives worse by enacting policies that hurt them both economically and emotionally.

His policies have been harmful towards black Americans, Latinx Americans, Native American Americans and other POCs People of Color. Trump’s administration has also targeted queer communities with bans on trans soldiers serving in the military as well as proposed legislation allowing businesses to deny services based on religious beliefs like refusing service to LGBTQIA+ customers if it goes against their religious beliefs.

Ways In Which Trump Is Not Woke

He has made racist, Islamophobic, and transphobic statements on social media. Trump’s tweets have been criticized as discriminatory against Muslims and LGBTQ people. His comments calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States have also been called out as racist by many critics.

He is known for being disrespectful toward women who challenge him or criticize him in any way.

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It’s clear that Trump doesn’t understand what the term “woke” means, and he also has a poor understanding of social justice activism. His comments reflect his lack of understanding how people fight for equality and justice in America today; it also shows us that he doesn’t care about the issues at hand. He believes that people should be more concerned with themselves than with others, which goes against everything we know about social justice activism today.

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