All you Need to Know About HomeCredit and It’s Advantages

What is HomeCredit and What are its Advantages?

Most Filipinos do not have credit cards, so it is challenging for them to change their appliances if they do not have enough money for it. Good thing there’s HomeCredit, which allows people to buy machines, gadgets, furniture, and other items by just giving a downpayment and paying the rest in instalments.

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This process does not require them to have a credit card, so it is a blessing to most Filipinos:

  • Firstly, Home Credits allow their customers to purchase anything, from bulky appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioning units, furniture such as sofas and cabinets, and even gadgets like smartphones and laptops in any of their partner stores without the need of presenting a credit card. 
  • Second, they need to pay between 10% and 40% of the down payment for the item they want to buy. 

Then they will plan the installment terms according to your capability of producing. They will check your sources of income and then match it to your payment terms, making this one an easy solution for every Filipino in need of buying and replacing their old appliances and gadgets.

HomeCredit’s Cash Loans

They also offer cash loans to their loyal customers with good payment standing. Customers can avail of Home Credits up to PHP 150,000, with low monthly installments and easy payment terms. You can also get the cash loan in as fast as 15 minutes, get approved in a minute with only two valid IDs needed to process your application.

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Credit Cards 

HomeCredit also offers a credit card of its own, called the HomeCredit Card. They have lesser interest rates compared to other banks in the Philippines. They also provide a 1% rebate every time you use the credit card for your transactions. They give a 5% discount when you buy mobile load and data from them using their credit card. Lastly, they also offer up to 45-days interest-free rates if you find it hard to pay on time with them.

In Conclusion

HomeCredit is a very stable financial institution, based on the Positive and Stable rankings it received from reputable rating agencies worldwide. People can trust HomeCredit with their loan needs because of its reputation as a stable financial institution worldwide.

With its determination to help millions of Filipinos with their cash and loaning needs, they have tied up with the financial website UpFinance. Through UpFinance, HomeCredit is one of their accredited partners to apply for their cash loan needs. They have made this more accessible for people to send their applications, especially during the global pandemic, by sending them online rather than visiting their offices to submit the requirements personally.

Aside from HomeCredit, other loan partners can apply, equipped with accurate loan calculators for your estimations on loan applications.

HomeCredit has been seen as a blessing to millions of Filipinos who are dependent on their services and will continue to do so in the following years to come.

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