What You Will Learn On The Great Ocean Road

Some Great Things You Can Learn About The Great Ocean Road

No serious traveller who finds themself in Australia is likely to want to miss the Great Ocean Road. One of the world’s most spectacular road trips, it spans 151 miles of Victoria coastline. Each year, 1.7 million people visit the 12 Apostles that sit in the ocean, by the side of that road. Although each traveller has a unique experience, everyone can be sure to become a little wiser about the country of Australia. Here are some of the things you might discover if you choose to take this epic journey.

In Australia, There’s Always More to Discover

Home to some popular traveller hotspots, Australia’s coastline is one of the most dynamic natural scenes. Each year, its shape subtly shifts, as rocks are eroded and deposited onto the shore. This means that each traveller’s experience is unique. A perfect example of this is the 12 Apostles. In 2016, an extra five apostles were discovered, drowned 6km out at sea. This is the first time such a discovery was made, stunning geomorphologists. What new truths will you discover on your journey?

We Have a Fascinating History

When you are travelling for many miles through a country, you are not just experiencing it as it is now. You are driving on top of the result of many centuries of human history. The road itself is a permanent memorial to anyone who died during World War One. It was built by servicemen who had returned from fighting and represents their sacrifice for the free and flourishing Australia you know today. It took 3000 exhausted and traumatised soldiers and sailors to put the road together, which gives travellers upon it a profound sense of gratitude and connection to history.

The Meaning of Freedom

Although a popular destination, the vastness of the road, much like Australia as a whole, means that it will largely remain open, especially in winter. There are never traffic jams on this road. This means you can live a life entirely at your own pace while navigating it. There is little need to make a plan; just hit the tarmac and go with the flow. There are few places in the world that offer such an incredible feeling of freedom.

Travelling the Great Ocean Road has got to be near the top of any Australian travel bucket list. It offers the opportunity to explore some of the most scenic areas of the country. You’ll experience a sense of freedom and connection to history, as you set out as an explorer on your own unique adventure.

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