The Great Ocean Road

Travelling is a great fun. It gives you a chance to discover a lot new things, experiences new stuff and explore lot many cultures. If you are planning to head for a holiday, Australia is the best place to go. The rich history and culture mixed with modernity is the biggest highlight of Australia. There are n numbers of new and fascinating things to see in Australia . The country is truly mesmerizing. The scenic views of beaches and coastlines take the breath away.

Every place in Australia is worth mentioning, but a place that deserves a special mention is the Great Ocean Road. The moment you will see the open road, you will surely scream – “WWWoooowww!!!!”


The road is stretched along Australia’s south- eastern coast, between Torquay and Allansford, the Victorian cities. The road is as long as 243 km (151 mi). It is listed as Australian National Heritage.


This iconic road was built in memory of the soldiers that lost their lives during the First World War. It was constructed by the soldiers that returned from the war. The construction began in 1919  and was completed in the year 1932. The road today is one of the major tourist attractions in Australia.


This road is a must go for the people who love to get up close and personal with nature. The beauty of nature showers on the road throughout the stretch of 243 kms. If you are on this road, not for a single moment, you will be devoid of drop dead gorgeous views. You will get to see and do a lot many things in this region. Along the Great Ocean Road, you will see the iconic 12 Apostles that draw 10 thousand visitors annually, enthralling waterfalls, picture perfect beaches, captivating surf breaks and the list is endless.

The most captivating and stupefying section of the Great Ocean Road is between Lorne and Apollo Bay. The beauty of this particular portion is stretched to infinity. It will literally leave you  tongue-tied. This whole 45 km stretch is the location of the Great Ocean Road Marathon which is held annually.

The Great Ocean Road
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Things To Do

The Bells Beach, situated near Torquay in the Great Ocean Road region is very beautiful. You can stop and experience many outdoor activities in the region like, surfing, sea kayaking and scuba diving.

The Great Ocean Walk provides a spellbinding experience. Get off your car and tie your shoelaces, this 104 km walking trail will give you a walk to remember. The landscapes of Victoria’s west coast provide a captivating backdrop to this walking stretch. The wildlife and the national park is like a cherry on the top.

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4WD on the Great Ocean Road is like once in a life time experience. Driving fast on the open road is amazing experience.

Coming to Australia and not visiting the Great Ocean Road would be the biggest mistake of your life that you will regret later.  Make sure you treat yourself with the Great Ocean Road when in Australia.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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