What To Do in Canberra in November

Enter November – What To Do in Canberra?

If you’re looking to add some new social events into your calendar, November in Canberra is absolutely full of exciting events and fun activities.

November is also a great time to visit Canberra: even though it’s close to summer time and heat, the temperatures are still very pleasant and it feels great to be outdoors. The average temperature for this month is around 22 Celsius, which is absolutely perfect for events and festivals.

From ethnic festivals and movie events to professional conventions and conferences, there’s something going on around each corner in Canberra. Check out our highlights on what’s on in Canberra in November:

Day of the Dead Fiesta Canberra

Hosted by the Ainslie Arts Centre, Day of the Dead Fiesta is a tribute to Latin American culture and their colorful and peculiar holidays. It’s an event lasting throughout the entire day, with live music, food and drinks and interesting activities. It’s also very child-friendly, which makes it a perfect Canberra family activity.

DESIGN Canberra

Art and design are a big part of Canberra’s city and social life. This is why, throughout November, Canberra becomes the capital of design, celebrating the world’s best artists and designers through exhibitions, workshops, promotions…

The event is held in the Craft and Design Centre in Central Canberra (Craft ART location):

Jewish International Film Festival in Canberra

This artistic festival has a long-standing tradition in Canberra: it’s been here for 28 years now. At the Jewish International Film Festival in Canberra, you will have a chance to see more than 50 of the best documentaries and feature films made by Israelis.

It’s a great chance to pay a tribute to one of the most fascinating cultures of the world and educate yourself about Jewish history, politics and identity.

Spring Wine Festival Hills of Hall

If you’re a wine lover, there something in November for you as well. Canberra’s surroundings are popular for their wine valleys, wineries and generally, rich wine culture. This is why the Spring Wine Festival in the surrounding regions of Canberra (Wallaroo and Hall) is so popular. It’s just a 30-minute drive away from the city, so it’s a great weekend activity if you’re from Canberra.


This is a scary event in the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia held in the beginning of November. This event features a night of horrific fun: from book readings and haunted house tours to scary stories and interactive shows. Even if you really don’t get scared easily, you’ll surely have a great time looking at all the innovative and creative ideas incorporated into this event. Make sure you get your ticket way in advance, because they sell out fast! The ticket price is usually around 25 dollars.

If you’re a tourist visiting Canberra, you can have a lot of fun out in the city in November even if you don’t attend any events. The weather is beautiful, everyone is outside and having a great time! Take this chance to walk around the city and see some of the most important landmarks.

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