What Can I Sell On Fiverr?

Fiverr has been used by freelancing entrepreneurs and smaller companies to advertise their services for a decent while now. The site is a melting pot of different professionals all working to get their names out there. Fiverr itself advertises that they have “over 3 million services available” for clients working on a range of budgets.

With so many people looking into starting their own freelancing business, Fiverr is getting more popular than ever before. If you feel confident about delivering something that you’re good at and can work on a deadline, you’ll do fine on the website. Know for “micro-tasks”, the site is where you go when you need a few small tasks done with budget-friendliness and speed in mind.

Looking to set up your new freelancing business? Then keep reading and we’ll look into the different services and products you can offer on Fiverr. We’ll even give you a few ideas on what you can do to make some money through the “gigs” you can get on the site.

What Services Can I Sell On Fiver?

Usually, people on Fiverr advertise their different skills on the site and their service rates for each job. One can glance at the website and see how many categories of job types there are. Some of these may involve marketing roles, creative roles, or even specialty jobs like programming. Finding your niche can be important in turning this short-term gig into a long-term source of money.

What Is Fiverr?

Here are some of the services that you can sell on Fiverr:

Website Development Services

If you’re looking to get into a highly active and lucrative scene, Website Development Services is a great choice for skilled developers. The job itself is highly sought for, especially as businesses start to integrate websites into their business plans. Prices can range according to the complexity of the job but you’ll always find a client looking for some help with their own websites.

Translation and Transcription

Another skilled job scene that is seeing a lot of newcomers is the translation and transcription industry. Language-based jobs are always available on the site and may involve either translations or transcriptions. If you’re gunning for a translation job, then we suggest brushing up on popular languages such as Spanish, German, Arabic, and many others.

Transcription jobs might be the choice for you if you’ve got the time and have a lot of patience. This job involves using transcription software to subtitle a piece of audio word-for-word. This transcription of the given audio might then be converted to text formats. It’s a service that’s needed by many different industries, ensuring that you’ll always have a job lined up.

Copywriting and Creative Writing

Another job industry you’ll want to look into is copywriting, blog writing, and article writing. The websites being developed by freelancers still need to have content posted on it. Usually, the owners of these websites hire different firms and freelancers to create content about specific topics. This is especially true for wordsmiths looking to get into SEO Writing

If you’ve got the time to work on articles, you’ll find yourself earning a decent amount of money from it. Working your way to becoming a top-selling writer on Fiverr can be a great way of earning money!

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Social Media Marketing/Management

Do you feel that you’re a people person? Are you able to handle an audience on social media? Then you may want to consider a job in Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management. Brands and businesses need to make a good impression on internet users as it might entice them to do business with the brand. Monitoring each social media account is also important alongside the creation of social media campaigns.

Depending on what the client asks for, the price of these gigs can be quite alluring. If your social skills are pretty good, then this job will be perfect for you!

Digital Design/Graphic Design

Lastly, we’ve got different digital design and graphic design jobs for you to try out. There are vast numbers of clients needing creative designs, logos, and other art for their uses. This might involve creating business cards, book covers, infographics, product mockups, and brochures. With a wide range of jobs available, a Digital Designer will always be sought-after by clients all around the world.

Getting Your Name Out On Fiverr

One important part of turning your Fiverr gig into a reliable source of income is putting your name out there. So many other freelancers are out there so what makes your services more valuable to a client? This is something you’ll need to decide on as it helps distinguish you against the competition.

It also depends on how much the demand for your specific service is. Some industries are easy to get into but are usually quite skill-intensive. Others are in high demand but are also filled with competition, making it quite difficult to achieve a foothold and get jobs.

Developing your Profile

When you personalize your profile with certifications and work samples, you’re showing potential clients what they should expect from you. Putting your best foot forward and presenting quality work on your profile is a great way of enticing new opportunities. You could also advertise your certifications and educational attainment as proof of your experiences and skills.

Competitive Pricing and Good Reviews

Once you’ve scored a set of gigs to get through, you should constantly strive for 5-star reviews and deliver excellent services. Garnering good ratings for your profile ensures new clients that you can rank higher on Fiverr. A good reputation might also help you score more lucrative jobs down the road.

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Proper Promotion and Marketing

Lastly, you’ve got to consider how you’re marketing yourself and what you want new clients to know about you. Extend your social media reach by promoting your business there. Try your hand at local marketing and find new partners within the nearby areas. Do whatever you can to grow your business and you’re sure to succeed!

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