Weed : How Long Does A Weed High Last?

If you’re a regular cannabis user, chances are you’ve been there: You smoke up and feel great. Then, after a few hours or days or even weeks, some of your favorite strains start to lose their punch. This process is called “weed high degradation” and it can make any kind of high less satisfying over time especially if you’re not careful about what kind of weed you use or how often you use it.

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Factors That Influence the Length of Your High

There are several factors that can influence the length of your high, including how often you use cannabis, body chemistry and size i.e., larger people require more THC to feel the same amount of intoxication, as well as THC content in your weed.

How much marijuana you smoke will also determine how long it lasts for you the higher its potency level, the longer its effects will last. Smoking high-potency strains may result in a stronger high than lower-potency ones because they contain more cannabinoids than lower-grade products; this means that even though there isn’t much THC content per gramme (or milligram), there’s still enough to make an impact on your state of mind once ingested orally or smoked recreationally through traditional smoking methods such as joints/cigarettes etcetera.

How Often You Use Cannabis

The more you use, the longer your high lasts. This is because as tolerance builds up, so does your body’s ability to process THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis. In other words, each time you smoke or eat a little bit of weed, it takes longer for those cannabinoids to get into your bloodstream and start affecting your brain cells.

The same goes for how long the psychoactive effects last after consuming any amount of cannabis: The more often someone smokes or eats weed or drinks alcohol, the less potent their high becomes per unit dose.

Your Body Chemistry and Size

Your body chemistry, weight, and height all have an effect on how long a high lasts for you. If you’re a larger person over six feet tall, your high will last longer than if you’re not. If you’re smaller under six feet tall, the opposite applies.

It’s important to note that this isn’t always true there are outliers who have high THC levels despite being small in stature or carrying excess fat around their midsection. However, because our bodies metabolize cannabis at different rates based on various factors

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The THC Content of Your Weed

The THC content of your weed is probably the most important factor to consider when determining how long a weed high will last. The amount of THC in any given strain can vary from as little as 1% to over 20%, so it’s important that you know your cannabis before trying it for yourself. You’ll also want to keep in mind where you’re buying it and what kind of growing practices were used on the plant before harvest for example, if a grower has been using super-lightweight (and thus tender) strains for indoor environments instead of outdoor ones as well as how long ago that batch was harvested.

How You Consume Weed

The speed and ease of getting high from smoking weed is the most popular way to consume cannabis. Smoking is also the fastest, but it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. If you enjoy eating edibles, tinctures or vapes may be more suitable for your needs. Vaping has become increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking because it’s less harmful to your lungs, but be sure to check with a doctor before using any vaping device if you have any health issues that could be aggravated by marijuana smoke such as lung disease.

If you’re still feeling high after an hour or so, it might be time to eat something. You can also drink water and take breaks if you feel like your mind is getting too foggy.

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If you’re trying to determine the length of your high, it can be helpful to consider how often you use cannabis. The higher the THC content of your weed and the more potent strains, the longer it takes for your body to metabolize that THC. If you’re a heavy user who smokes every day or two, chances are that a high-THC strain will last longer than one with less of this chemical in its genetic makeup. So, if you’re worried about getting stoned too long and ending up with an uncomfortable hangover, stick to lower-THC strains when possible.

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