How To Organise The Best Weed Party For Small Groups

Cannabis is quickly becoming more popular and socially accepted than ever. It doesn’t have to be a solo activity or a low-key event with a few friends. Learning how to throw a weed party gives you one of the best ways to enjoy marijuana with others.


If you’re throwing a weed party, it’s not a simple case of calling over some friends and getting everyone stoned. You have to organise, prepare and learn some tricks to ensure attendees have a good time.


Perhaps you like smoking blunts, but what if your guests prefer vaping? What about music? There’s much to consider if you want to make it a highly successful event.


Of course, no weed party is complete without a supply of delectable buds, like those produced from Sour Diesel seeds (check this online store for more info). A high-quality strain for your guests to indulge in is essential for any cannabis-themed event.


In this guide, you’ll discover some excellent tips and ideas for organising and hosting the best weed party possible.


Send a Weed-Themed Invitation


Sending formal invitations might feel outdated, but it’s one of the funnest weed party ideas. It gives you a chance to be creative and humorous and has many practical purposes.


You can’t just announce “there’s a party happening” to people and expect all attendees to want to get stoned. Weed-themed invitations inform people in advance, so everyone arrives prepared for the experience.


Invitations allow you to clarify the weed theme and give suggestions. You might not want people coming with large amounts of alcohol and no intention to get high. This information also lets everyone know they’ll need to organise transport home, as they won’t be driving.


It’s best to invite a small group to a weed party, as it’s more intimate. A maximum of ten guests is ideal for the perfect evening.


Create the Perfect Setting


Preparing the perfect atmosphere and ambience is essential when throwing a weed-themed party.


Set up plenty of comfort zones and soft seating for your guests to relax and lay back. Dimly lit areas generally suit stoner vibes, and adding some colourful decorations will be appreciated. LED fairy lights hanging on the walls creates a beautiful atmosphere.


Music can play a significant role in setting the right vibes for a group weed session. Always consider your guests and set up a playlist that fits the preferences of those you’ve invited. If you’re unsure, reggae is the go-to genre for cannabis parties.


A supply of pre-rolled spliffs for your guests is a nice touch. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and sets the party’s tone immediately. If you’re a novice, guides showing the easiest way to roll a joint are simple to follow.


When planning how to throw a weed party, it’s easy to overlook little things that make a big difference. You’re the host, so as high as you might want to be, try to ensure everyone is having fun at all times. Always watch for guests who may seem uncomfortable, as they might just need a glass of water.


The right atmosphere and ambience help your guests feel comfortable and safe, making it a delightful evening.


Don’t Forget Food and Snacks


If you’re having a group of people over to spend the evening indulging in cannabis, they’ll need lots of food. Weed is widely known for inducing intense munchies. Lay out plenty of snacks for your guests to keep them happy while high.


Many weed-themed party ideas involve making snacks infused with cannabis, such as brownies or sweets. Edibles are fantastic, but be careful your guests don’t confuse them with regular food, especially if they’re already stoned.


If you’re using edibles, label them clearly and keep food or drinks infused with weed separate from the other snacks. Your guests could simply be hungry, confuse them, and end up feeling more stoned than they’re comfortable with.


Provide a Variety of Ways to Enjoy Weed


When throwing a weed party, remember not all stoners enjoy smoking joints. To ensure all your guests have options, here’s a list of alternative ways to enjoy weed:


  • Vaping is excellent for people who prefer not to smoke and doesn’t fill a room with a heavy cloud.
  • Making cannabis-infused drinks like weed stem tea are a treat, especially if you don’t want to inhale anything.
  • If possible, provide a variety of strains to suit your different guest’s tolerance and preference.


The type of weed can influence the direction of the party. It’s worth noting that some strains will enhance social interaction, and others can leave everyone locked to a couch.


Weed-Themed Birthdays


Perhaps you have a stoner friend whose birthday is coming up? There’s an abundance of weed birthday party ideas to choose from, such as:


  • Weed-themed presents such as bongs, vapes, and other cannabis paraphernalia or accessories.
  • Cannabis leaf decorations such as wall hangings and wrapping paper.
  • A marijuana-themed birthday cake, or even better, baked with cannabis inside it.


One birthday present is guaranteed to make any stoner’s eyes light up. The simple gift of beautiful, resinous buds always provides joy for the recipient.


Have Fun, and Party Safely


Now you know how to organise and throw the best weed party for small groups, it’s time to have some fun.


Suppose you want to impress a few friends, or perhaps you have a friend turning 21? Now you have the best stoner birthday party ideas to plan an epic weed-themed event.


Whether it’s a birthday or for any reason, throwing a weed party is a great time. It’s much safer than an evening fuelled by alcohol, and you won’t regret it.

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