How To Choose 510 Thread Battery For Weed Vaping

Weed vaping through vape pens is a popular trend nowadays because it is easier, cheaper, and portable. Vape pens are operated with the help of a battery, whether it is rechargeable or not. Almost all the vape pens use 510 vape batteries.

Sometimes you may have to replace your vape pen battery. In that case, you must know some essential things before you buy a 510 vape battery. We have gathered some important information regarding the vape battery, so before you purchase, if you have all the information required to avoid mishaps.

Things To Consider While Choosing 510 Vape Battery

510 vape pens are available in the market in different sizes, types, and capacities. Choosing a compatible vape battery for your vape pen is crucial because a wrongly decided battery can make things worse. Here are five things you need to take care of before you move towards the market to purchase the 510 battery for a vape pen.

Keep The Size In Mind

Before purchasing your vape battery, you must look at the size of your vape pen because batteries come in different sizes. Your priorities and liking a vape pen matter a lot while purchasing a battery.

Most people love to use a vape pen while out of their homes or on holiday. In that case, you must purchase a compact and smaller battery. Otherwise, you will have to carry a vast vape pen. An intelligent and portable vape pen is preferred as it adds charm to your personality.

Quality Of The 510 Battery

The quality of the 510 battery you choose matters significantly because if you accidentally select a low-quality battery, you will have to suffer. A low-quality battery does not give enough strength for more puffs. In that case, you will have to replace the battery. Another disadvantage of a low-quality battery is that it may get hot and catch fire. It may also injure you or your fellows. It is better to invest one time than waste your money on low-quality batteries.

Purchasing a 510 battery needs a quality check before buying it, or you might have to face the consequences. The best option is reliable branded batteries because they are high-quality built and last longer.

Capacity of The 510 Vape Battery

The battery capacity is measured in mAH, which is a unit that demonstrates how long a battery can last. You must choose to have a 510 battery with higher mAH because the higher the mAH, the longer time you will be able to enjoy your vape pen. Usually, the vape pens in the market offer up to 2 hours, so your battery must be capable of giving power to such a long time of vaping sessions because no one likes to recharge the battery repeatedly.

Commonly the 510 batteries available in the market offer 600 to 2000 mAH. Choosing a 510 battery above 1000 mAH is a more convenient option.

Two Types of Voltage Output Settings

Choosing a 510 battery with a stable power output is compulsory. There are two types of voltage output settings available for a 510 battery. It depends on your vape pen and which one you want to purchase. A fixed voltage will not change in any case while using the vape pen. However, a variable voltage battery can change the voltage provided to the vape pen while you use it.

A dry herb vape pen will require a higher voltage, likely 4.0. volts, while if you are using it for vaping oil, a setting of 3 adjustable voltages is enough for you. Some vape pens are multi-use, allowing you to use them for vaping oils or dry herbs. In that case, purchasing a variable battery is a better option.

Types of Battery Connectors

Some of the 510 vape pen batteries consist of more than one connector. Usually, the pen-style batteries have more than one valuable connector for attaching different vape cartridges or tanks. An eGo thread is built in some 510 batteries so that you can use 2 types of connections. Plus, the eGo one is much bigger and beneficial for dry herb tanks.

How Much Does A 510 Thread Battery Cost?

Depending on your choice, a 510 vape battery may cost 10$ to 100$ depending on which one you choose. The price of the 510 battery can vary from shop to shop. Even if you choose to purchase from a local shop or an online shop, the costs will vary. Another significant factor in the price of the battery can be the quality of the battery you purchase. You will definitely have to pay more if you buy a branded battery.


Selecting a 510 thread battery is important while using a vape pen. You may be previously aware of batteries, but a vape battery needs different criteria before purchasing it. That is why we have tried to help you by letting you know the essential things related to the size, power, activation, and customization of the 510 battery.

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