Elon Musk To Unban Donald Trump From Twitter

Elon Musk Would Reverse Twitter’s Ban on Trump

Musk said he would reinstate former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, which was banned due to his tweets about riots at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.
“I think that was a mistake because it alienated much of the country and didn’t ultimately result in Donald Trump having no right to vote,” Musk told the Financial Times in May.
“Banning Trump on Twitter did not limit Trump’s voice. It will strengthen him among the rights, and that is why it is morally wrong and completely stupid.” Musk’s comments about bringing Trump back, coupled with his free speech mantra, made him popular among conservatives who have long felt censored by Twitter and other social media companies, despite the fact that there was no tangible evidence of systematic anti-conservative bias and conservative influencers continue to have huge followings on platforms like Twitter. While many conservatives would cheer for Trump’s return to Twitter, it would also draw a lot of resistance from people, many of whom are liberals, who argue that his tweets are a threat to a peaceful democracy. We’ll see how Elon is prepared to handle that comeback if he brings back the former president and some other “controversial” people, such as Jordan Peterson and Alex Jones.

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Get Rid of Bots

Musk has promised to tackle the problem of “bots” on Twitter. That means the rapid increase of accounts that post spam or inauthentic content, such as get-rich-quick cryptocurrency schemes and phishing scams. Bots are the main known problem on Twitter, although the company claims they represent less than 5% of all accounts. Musk said he thought the number was much higher, around 20% or more, and used that as his legal basis for initially pulling out of the deal.
External research has shown that while the presence of bots on Twitter may actually be below 5%, the reach of these bots in overall conversations may be too high, as much as 20%. Unlike getting Trump back in the office, getting rid of bots is probably one of his least controversial plans because it’s hard to find people who like bots.
“I mean, honestly, the main priority I would have is to eliminate spam and scams and the army of bots that are on Twitter,” Elon said in April at the TED conference. Ironically, although Musk said one of the reasons he bought Twitter was to get rid of bots, he made the existence of bots the basis of his case to try to get out of the disputed deal, arguing that the company had not disclosed the full extent of the problem.

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So what do you think? Do you agree that Musk should reinstate people like Donald Trump and others? If someone’s opinion is different from most, does that mean that they’re not allowed to express it? Isn’t freedom of speech supposed to be equal to all, whether you agree with someone or not? If you accidentally skipped it, make sure to read the first part of this article as well!

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