Top Three Things to do in Strathnairn, Belconnen

3 Best Things to do with your friends in Strathnairn, Belconnen

Strathnairn is mostly about sustainability, greenery, and affordable lifestyles. Strathnairn makes it one of the best tourist attractions to visit with its stunning scenery and facilities, making it the town’s most significant asset!

1. Strathnairn Arts

Strathnairn Arts is a non-profit organization that has been used by Canberra artists for decades. Located in the heart of Strathairn, it includes a cafe, galleries, and many events and activities! The art center emanates welcome and approachability to non-artists. They hold exhibitions to showcase artists’ works, and it’s just splendid. There are many intelligent, talented, incredibly spiritual, and influential artists with a cafe with extensive beverages and food choices to keep you and your companions satisfied.

2. The Green Link

The Green Link is a place for enjoying the outdoors, with many eye-catching sculptures. The green link walking trail is the perfect place to take a relaxing walk or jog to start your day off.

Things to do:

  • Walking paths
  • Barbeque facilities
  • Cycling
  • Nature appreciation
  • Picnic areas

 The Green Link is a perfect place to get a sense of the community, admire the beautiful views, and get fit at the same time.

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3. Take a Ride on An Electric Bike With The Ginninderry Launched e-bike Fleet.

This is the perfect place to go cycling. The bikes can reach up to 25 kilometres per hour and can be ridden for up to 60 kilometres between charges. It’s a beautiful area with an exceptional atmosphere. It is the perfect place to get a feel for the site, do some sightseeing, and stay fit at the same time.

Did you know?

Strathnairn residents are amongst the first Canberrans to participate in the electric-bike scheme after Ginninderry launched the e-bike fleet in late 2019!

Fun Fact

Strathnairn is the first suburb in the cross-border Ginninderry development, a 30-year project to build 11,500 dwellings across the suburbs!

See Straithnairn Differently

Although Straithnairn may be small, it has much to offer, including various parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and many more. Strathnairn is known for its sustainability, livability, and community.

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