Top Three Attractions in Mckellar, Belconnen


Best Three Things to do in Mckellar, Belconnen

Mckellar is a small city in Australia and can easily be explored within a day. There aren’t too many locations to visit, but the few that are available are just splendid.

1.   Raijin Japanese Cuisine

This exquisite restaurant offers authentic and fresh Japanese culture cuisines bringing japan to life in the suburbs!

The menu has endless options, including the famous okonomiyaki, Chicken Karaage, and signature black curry dishes. Not just that, they offer sushi, sashimi and ramen, and many more, enjoy your taste of Japan in the cozy restaurant or take it home for added convenience!

2.   Mckellar Park

Mckellar Park, formerly known as Belconnen soccer center, is an association football stadium. The venue was formed on 23rd November 2002. This is a great place to have some fun! The grandstand contains approximately 600 seats with many other facilities.

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3.   Bluesky Bistro

Bluesky bistro caters to most Asian meals such as sizzling garlic king prawns, combination laksa to all-time roasts of the day, and many more. They offer various meals of both Asians and Australian cuisine. Members always commit to quality and perfection.

You can even see sea lions and boats going in and out of the bay!

Dive into Mckellar

The district Mckellar of Belconnen is a suburb in Australia and has beautiful activities and intimidating views. Mckellar offers a simple, wholesome, and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for relaxing in!

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