Top Three Attractions in Hawker, Belconnen


Must-See Tourist Places For You to Visit in Hawker, Belconnen

Hawker is a popular area for families. Thriving local shopping malls, with a wide range of shops, eateries, and services.

1. Wine Tours With Grape Escape Canberra

Grape escapes Canberra provides private wine tours around Canberra’s superb excellent climate wine district. It’s designed are personal, fully tailored luxury wine stores to present you the experience you need! The luxury wine tours will take you to a boutique and award-winning wineries in the Canberra district.

2. Jeff Morgan Gallery

Visiting the Jeff Morgans Gallery is an experience that’s far more than just an ordinary gallery. You can witness the stunningly realistic panorama and arts of different industries, admire gems and rocks from the area, and give plenty of time to yourself to see it all. There are many beautiful views and sceneries to enjoy, the gallery has just too much to offer!

Fun Fact

The Jeff Morgan Gallery includes many realistic views and details in paintings from different industries. You’ll become totally immersed in the picture. This one painting took over 4,000 hours to complete!

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3. Hawker Caravan Park

In the hawker caravan park, you can enjoy a comfortable cabin or a shady campsite. The sites are flat and spacious. You can get spaces ranging from small tents to sizable in-house motor homes and everything in between. Take a break and come to the caravan park to relax by the quiet pool and grounds! You can enjoy the beautiful views and incredible wildlife to see.

Did You Know?

Hawker was named after Charles Hawker, a member of the house representatives from 1929 to 1938!

Around Hawker

Being a small city, hawker has a lot to offer. You can enjoy beautiful ranges of colors as the distant hills turn blue, golden, even a rich shade of purple. This is definitely a place that’s worth the visit!

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