Top Three Attractions in Curtin, Woden Valley


3 Best Tourist Attractions in Curtin, Woden Valley

Curtin is a small homey suburb in Canberra, Australia, part of the Woden Valley district. With some of its known holy churches, you could visit. Undoubtedly a top destination that is highly recommended

1. The Statesman Hotel

Looking for a place to crash and get a good night’s rest? come to the statesman hotel motel! They serve brilliant services to make sure you are comfortable with super friendly staffs’. With the most exceptional rooms; clean, quiet, and peaceful to get some good sleep. They provide room services and food which are up to notch.

2. Daana

Are you feeling the need to eat something spicy? Daana is a great Indian restaurant that offers a delicious menu of authentic Indian cuisine. Fast services and has an endearing atmosphere to it, definitely an eating house to experience. Do yourself a favor and order the tamarind scallops, it is like taking a walk to heaven and back. Simply amazing! They also provide food that has a twist on the Australian and Indian culture, which is nothing more than exciting. You should definitely visit daana for a good eating and dining experience.

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3. Redbrick Espresso

Redbrick espresso serves some of the world-renowned cafe menus. They sell artisan coffee in a small roast house in an airy brick exposed space. They provide yummy baked goods with vegan options too, don’t miss out! Try out their breakfast/brunch menu, we recommend trying the grandpa and yogurt with some of the best-tasting strawberries ever served.

See Curtin Differently

If you’re looking for a relaxing homey feel on a trip, Curtin is the way! They have quite a few lovely cafes and parks to take a stroll with your coffee in hand with their amazing views walking under towering trees. They also have thrift shops for you to stop by!

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