Top Three Attractions in Belconnen

Major Tourist Attractions You Must See in Belconnen

Belconnen boasts a variety of superb views and a variety of exciting history and unique public art. From beautiful sceneries to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with people who know it the best!

1. Belconnen Arts Center Inc

This is the true heart of Belconnen. The art centre emanates welcome and approachability to non-artists. They hold exhibitions to showcase artists’ works, and it’s just splendid. There are many intelligent, talented, incredibly spiritual, and influential artists.

Fun fact:

The Belconnen arts centre inc was the winner of ACT chief minister inclusions awards in all the years of 2010, 2012, and 2013 and is dedicated to offering an environment suitable for everyone!

2. I Play Belconnen

It’s a great day out for promise rides, sideshows, food, stage, and many more exciting activities! Canberra’s leading amusement centre, located near the cinema at Westfields shopping centre, includes various fun activities such as the latest games, dodgems, ten-pin bowling, laser tags, and many more. You can have a party or enjoy yourselves here!

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In addition!

The iplay Belconnen grounds has chairs and tables in their “chill out zone” with food and drinks. Including a couple of massage chairs where you can sit back and relax after playing games to recharge your batteries!

3. John Knight Memorial Park

Wrapped around the shoreline of Lake Ginninderra, this is a beautiful park with bike paths, barbeque facilities, playground equipment, shady avenues of unique trees, waterfalls, and many more!

Things to do in the John knight memorial park:

  • Cycling
  • Barbeque stations
  • playgrounds for children and older kids
  • Watch around the scenery and bird watching
  • Fishing

Belconnen as a whole

One of the most desirable suburbs of Canberra, Belconnen has excellent options for shopping, outdoor activities, and culture. Primarily known as “Belco” by locals. The suburb has many attractions and is perfect for enjoying and relaxing.

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