Top Ten Best Crime Prevention Techniques in Australia

The world holds many dangers that linger everywhere we go. Crimes of different levels of severity continue to spread as if they were a plague. The evil deeds by other people leave behind residuals of awful influence that get picked up by others. But of course, the good and righteous individuals would not let those crimes prevail.

Enacted crime prevention programs, activities, and endeavors by countries universally continue to propagate. With rules and regulations willfully abided by citizens, we can reduce crimes in their entirety with corresponding legal punishments compelled to those who disrupt the law. In this article, we will tackle the best approaches or methods used by the government of Australia to prevent crime outbreaks by implementing their regimen across the country.

Here are the top ten crime prevention techniques in Australia.


1. National plan to combat cybercrime

Based on the evidence present from operational agencies, we can discern a better understanding that the number, sophistication, and impact of cybercrimes has tremendously grown and continues to pose threats to Australians, along with businesses and governments. More agencies prevent these cybercrimes, albeit having some unreported.

National plans to combat cybercrime represent a commitment from the Commonwealth, State, and Territory governments in Australia to implement a team effort in addressing the overgrowing threat of cybercrime. It mainly focuses on the government’s solutions to these offenses. But the plan also acknowledges the crucial factors by the industry, its people, and the significance of creating strong partnerships.

This plan also arranges key propositions and priority areas of focus, outlining the achievements for the cause and how it can execute well. The dynamism and previous efforts of Australia and its retaliation against cybercrimes are too. It improves current strategies and recognizes that the best method to protect against cybersecurity is also the best solution to protect against cybercrime.


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2. Intergovernmental agreement on data sharing

Having viable access to credible data is crucial for policy, services, and governmental decision-making. Data possessed by one government can 8be valuable to the other nations in disseminating its activities. Gaining advantages and head-ups based on the data received or shared between governments have progressive feats.

Enabling data sharing in a reliable, secure, and smooth-operating manner between governments remains crucial in fighting crimes. It can drive economic value, improve services, and deliver more outcomes of high caliber for Australians.

In this agreement, as a default, all jurisdictions agree to share data between the entities done securely, safely, legally, and morally. They will share the information in compliance with existing privacy guidelines.


3. Youth-abuse awareness programs in indigenous groups

Many communities, especially the individuals in indigenous groups, have to deal with daily hardships in their life. They suffer bullying, discrimination, harassment, and other unjustified actions. These hardships inflicted on them should not get treated lightly. Many people who also share in the rightful endeavor appreciate anti-hate policies, including those who support the cause of preventing abusive environments from occurring.

Australia’s crime prevention programs have also been one of the top contenders for the cause of raising awareness of abusive behaviors. Particularly, a project called Speak Up, Be Strong, Be Heard was launched after a landmark report about sexual misconduct detailed in Queensland’s far north. Its purpose was to raise community awareness, fortify reporting tasks, and change agency interventions within the community.

The project’s initiative engages with local Indigenous communities through culturally relevant and inclusive ways. While the program will still get examined amply, there is evidence that reporting has grown significantly, most likely due to this program.


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4. Collaborative approach to domestic violence

Domestic and family violence is ever-present in many households on a global scale. It is, without a doubt, one of the common crimes occurring daily. News stories, TV show adaptations, and published books about the lived experiences and horrendous consequences of individuals, who are subject to these kinds of abusive environments, are eye-openers to the public about what domestic violence truly is in nature.

Although many agencies and companies contribute to this impediment, it won’t stop the cause in one sweep. So, Australia came up with an advanced version of the crime prevention program.

In Queensland, particularly the Queensland Police Service (QPS), has removed top policing honors, collaborating with outside agencies like the Gold Coast Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce to pursue family violence followed by an event of high-profile deaths. The task force has created new connections, programs, policies, and initiatives that enhance the protection of the most vulnerable citizens. Homicides get reduced because high-level professional services address the needs and expectations of victims of violence.

Trust and understanding are at the heart of collaborative adaptive working relationships, with the prevention advantages spilling over into all aspects of treating complex social harm and crime. New techniques, programs, and partnerships are now and, in the future, offering significant social value.


5. Safety protocols taught to international students

Acquiring knowledge about proper safety procedures and what to do during troubling situations can provide you with the best guidance possible. Whether you are alone, in a crowd, or somewhere unsafe, having access to some knowledge, even just to an extent, can get you out of harm’s way whenever you are in such dangerous situations.

A partnered apparatus between the New South Wales (NSW) Police Force’s Wollongong Local Area Command and the University of Wollongong enacted the cause of increasing public protection and decreasing the fear of crime amongst the students, providing adequate help when they encounter problems. The Stay Safe in our State regime was accomplished through a video, tutoring the students with several languages and within topical units.


6. Providing tutors to disengaged youth

The influences of unrighteous people who do more harm than good to society mislead the youth in today’s world. Australia’s youth crime prevention project, Out-Teach Mobile Education, for their Save the Children campaign, is getting teachers together with Tasmania’s disengaged youth, hoping to prevent youth crime. According to several varied reasons, some youngsters cannot be well-educated enough in traditional classrooms. So, this mobile classroom brings forth an informal education setting to construct the pathway to conventionalize educational or vocational reconnection.


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7. Residential rehabs for the youth

A child subjected to harsh environments, surrounded by evil influences, can cause the youth to commit future crimes. Some families raise their children in deplorable methods that cause psychological trauma to the child.

Rehabilitation programs in Australia (like the Mac River Residential Drug and Alcohol Centre’s service) utilize time-periodical programs for teenagers. These platforms aim to bring the children to much safer well-being, hoping to improve their physical and emotional status.

The scheme offers vigorous therapeutic training and support to ease offensive behavior and substance misusage. It also encourages its clients to participate in formal education, create personal skills, receive social and emotional support, and engage in family therapy.


8. Raising child safety awareness 

Following the previous awareness program, younglings need support, but one must also consider parents’ raising methods for their children. Both the child and the parent require proper help in providing the value of familial love and endearment.

A special event called Day for Daniel is a national day in Australia to bring forth the value of child safety, protection, and prevention, celebrated every Friday of October. The event honors the memory of young Daniel Morcombe. He was a young boy who got abducted and tragically killed in 2003. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation uses this event to raise money and fund educational programs, resource development, and assist young survivors of similar experienced crimes.


9. Providing employment and education for ex-offenders

In most countries, ex-offenders or ex-prisoners find it incredibly difficult to apply for a job because of their criminal background history. Sometimes, those individuals have to seek shelter in the streets or, ultimately, become homeless because of unemployment. Providing equal opportunities for them is a priority because everyone deserves a second chance in life.

Despite some companies providing opportunities for ex-convicts, these organizations will remain skeptical and have reservations while hiring them.

That is why Mates on the Move, a project originating from the NSW Prisoners Aid Association, trains ex-offenders in the commercial transport and storage industry. They aim to facilitate excellent education and employment opportunities for men and women who are now free from juridical restrictions.

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10. Teaching respectful sexual behaviors in schools

The subject of sexual misconduct and harassment has been around for centuries. Precisely speaking, the crime can also appear among the youth if not taught carefully or unsupervised. Sexual fantasies or desires can already occur during their puberty. In that matter, upholding intensive educational facilities that show the pros and cons in the subject of sex is a must.

The Sexual Assault Support Service in Tasmania, Australia, supports and collaborates with schools in the essence of finding potential perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse, with the idea of teachers at the right forefront to influence the lives of young adults for their betterment.

Australia is one of the safest nations today. These crime prevention techniques performed by the government and Australian organizations are one of the reasons why.





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