Top 13 Trendy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Most Trendy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

 When you have long and thick hair, trying latest and hot hairstyles is pretty easy. You have a volume that can be transformed into versatile waves and curls. But unluckily girls with thin hair have a problem. Because they have to choose a hair cut in which their hair will look thicker. Getting volume and body full hair cut is the prime objective of the girls with thin hair.

In this post, top trendy hairstyles for thin hair have been listed down with styling directions. Now save each strand of your hair and let yourself shine.

#1:- Fringe Effect:

Most girls are aware about fringe effect. With strong bang of fringe effect, thin hair exclusively look thicker in volume. For getting the dramatic effect, hair is cut right above the eyes horizontally.

Styling Direction For Fringe Effect:

  • It’s up to you how you style the length of hair either as curls or waves.
  • Grab hair from front section and straight them with a flat iron.
  • Continue the process until you get perfect and sleek bang in front to complete the styling process.

Recommended For:

Oval and rectangular shaped faces are the perfect canvas for dramatic fringe effect. You can achieve this hair cut on all natural hair types.


#2:- Classy Chic:

This is a modernized version of Bob. Ladies who are looking for a haircut that will make their hair look in volume, Classy Chic is the best bid.  From chin to the back, hair is cut and tapered in a way that hair will cover the neck nicely.

Styling Directions For Classy Chic:

  • While blow drying your hair, with round brush roll your hair inwards.
  • By lifting the roots to upward direction, you can get more volume.
  • At the end, use a flat iron, to give more sleek and smooth look.
  • Apply some pomade or wax to retain the effect for a longer time.

Recommended For:

Classy Chic is the good news for the ladies with square, heart or round shape. You got thin hair, Classy Chic is the only way to make your hair look thicker.


#3:- Professional Pixie:

Short pixie is very famous and popular hairstyle among girls of all ages. Achieving volume with style is extremely easy when you have pixie cut. No other hairstyle looks as stylish as pixie makes you.

Styling Directions For Perfect Pixie:

  • First of all, apply a good amount of holding mousse on your hair.
  • Make sure all strands are damped in the mousse.
  • Now with a small brush, make bangs in front, on the top move them upward and repeat in back. This way your hair will look more in volume.
  • At the end, use good hair spray to hold your favorite hairstyle for longer time.

Recommended for:

Pixie is extremely great hair cut for women with heart shaped faces. It looks good on all hair types.


#4:- Crimped Craze:

Crimping is an awesome technique to gain high volume in hair. With Crimped Craze hair style, your hair get an attitude and style with crimped texture. A center part of the hair remains sleek while ends left with micro crimping texture and fluffy due to air. At whole, Crimping Craze makes you look stunning and super awesome.

Styling Directions For Crimping Craze:

  • With a comb, crisp up your center part of the hair.
  • With flat iron, iron your hair from the nape to the temples.
  • Now with crimping iron, bring the crimping texture in the upper section of the hair.
  • With your fingers, just give more precise crimping look to your hair.

Recommended For:

It looks great on all hair types. Long and thin hair is the best to try to Crimping Craze.


#5:- Lovely With Layers:

This hairstyle is known for giving the illusion of strong and thick hair. Haircut leaves the heavier strands of hair, so people will think you got hair in volume.

Styling Directions For Lovely With Layers:

  • Using your fingers, part your hair to one side. Avoid using comb to keep your hair look natural.
  • Grab curling iron of medium size. Produce waves at the ends inward. Make them in loose waves.
  • With hair spray, use fingers to set waves in perfect position.

Recommended For:

Whether you have heart, square or round, it will look perfect on you.


#6:- Curl Booster:

Curl Booster is the optimal choice for keeping volume and more strands of hair in style. In this haircut, less layering is done to keep more hair over the shoulders. This way, you get bouncy curls with a modern touch.

Styling Diections Of Curl Booster:

  • Heat up your curling iron.
  • Start with sectioning of the hair.
  • Start making curls from the bottom ends.
  • Keep producing the curls on every side.
  • Now in the end, spray your hair with fine hair spray to keep the hairstyle for longer.

Recommended For:

Curl Booster is gonna look great on all face shapes. Fine to thick hair are better to achieve more curls and waves in hair.


#7:- Blonde Ambition:

Blonde Ambition is listed as hot hairstyle for thin hair. This is a form of Bob with blunt ends so hair will look thicker. Less layering is the reason for getting more volume.

Styling Directions For Blonde Ambition:

  • Part your dry hair to one side.
  • Now grab your flat iron, start ironing the hair from upward to downward and bevel the ends towards inside.
  • Repeat the process to the hair entire head.

Recommended For:

This hairstyle is an amazing choice for women with round or heart shaped faces.


#8:- Lovely Bob:

When you have thin hair, the major objective is to get the complete hairstyle without losing a significant amount of hair. In that case, Lovely Bob is a good choice. In this hair cut, your hair will look double in volume.

Styling Directions of Lovely Bob:

  • First of all, use volume making products and damp your hair with those pomades or waxes.
  • You need to flip your hair to gain more volume during the blow drying process.
  • When all hair is done, flip your head to back position. Now grab your larger brush to give more shape to the curls.

Recommended For:

Girls with a deep side part and round faces can’t have a better alternative than Lovely Bob.


#9:- Sweet Silk:

This is a gorgeous haircut without layers. You get sleek and straight hair to the shoulders with a blunt cut. Sweet bangs at side give stylish and trendy looks.

Styling Directions For Sweet Silk:

  • Grab a paddle brush and sleek your hair while blow drying.
  • When hair is completely dried up, with flat iron straight small portions of hair to compete the styling.

Recommended For:

Oval faces are the perfect canvasses for Sweet Silk. Obviously fine and sleek hair is better for this hairstyle.


#10:- Red Velvet:

Red Velvet is the dramatic hairstyle with layers in the front. While sweeping sides and tapered ends give a more stylish look to your haircut.

Styling Directions For Red Velvet:

  • Blow dry your hair in all directions.
  • Now pick up your flat iron and start from upward to downward to complete the styling process.
  • At the end, just use hair spray for a more professional finish.

Recommended for:

This hairstyle looks great for all face shapes with thin and long hair.


#11:- The Glamzon:

The Glamzon is super glamourous and elegant hairstyle. Sassy curls and sweet bangs give you a whole new look which is super spicy and awesome.

Styling Directions For The Glamzon:

  • Pick up your flat iron.
  • Start from the roots to the end and make bangs and sassy curls with a flat iron.
  • Use your favorite hair spray to keep up the shape for longer period.

Recommended For:

The Gamzon is perfect alternative for square shaped faces with hair longer to shoulders.


#12:- Fine Flip:

This is a great fine hair style without any layers. Haircuts seem so boring if they don’t have layers. But why not bring one layer in the front. That seems interesting. Because of the front chiseled layer and long length hairstyle, your hair appears heavier in volume.

Styling Direction For Fine Flip:

  • First, you need to blow dry your hair.
  • While blow drying the hair, use paddle brush.
  • With the help of a curling iron, produce flip in front as there is layer around the face.
  • With fingers, break your curl into flip.

Recommended For:

This hairstyle is a great choice for women who have round or square shaped faces.


#13:- Cute Copper Crop:

This is a great example of shaggy pixie which looks primarily great on women with thin hair.

Styling Directions for Cute Copper Crop:

  • You just need to blow dry your hair. Avoid combing, use your fingers to shape up the bangs.
  • At the end, use flat iron to give more shinier and professional look to the bangs.

Recommended For:

This pixie will glow on the women with heart shaped faces.


Bottom Line:

This was the detail list of trendy hairstyles for thin hair. Hair is the reflection of your personality. People get to know more about you the way you keep your hair. Hair gives a whole new look to your whole personality. Trying out new haircuts and hairstyles shows how bold and flexible you are. With every single new haircut, you are attaining a new level of elegance. Whether you are at work or home, people will suddenly notice your new hairstyle. Having thin hair is not problem, and there are plenty of hairstyles which can boost your confidence with your natural hair texture as few are enlisted here. To be honest, it’s great to have attention. So some amazing hairstyles have been listed above. Choose which suits best for you!

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