Top 5 Gorgeous Updos For Medium Length Hair

Beautiful Elegant Updo Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Gorgeous Updos For Medium Length Hair: Hairstyle is the way of styling your hair in a way to boost your personality as hair considered as an important aspect of your aesthetic personality. Usually, people totally neglect styling their hair. Hairstyles tell a complete and precise story of your lifestyle. Hair style is the chance to improve your personality. Hairstyle is important to enhance the visual appeal of any person. Its impact should not be ignored.

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In a rapidly changing environment, where everything is moving, trends and fashion is always changing. Selecting a hairstyle is the most difficult task. You should choose a hairstyle that defines your lifestyle but gives a whole new look to yourself.

Medium length hair is perfect to try almost every hairstyle. Because of the length and volume, mid range has the edge. So if you have medium length hair, we have listed down gorgeous updos for you.

1:- Gatsby Girl:

Gatsby Girl is awesome choice if you want a formal chic look. This hairstyle is famous for its texture and volume. The best part, it has vintage touch, but due to modernization, it easy to style up within few minutes.

Styling Directions For Gatsby Girl:

  • Curling your hair is essential for this hairstyle. But loose curls like waves. So pick up your flat iron, use it to make soft waves. Remember don’t use it on hair for a longer time, otherwise waves will be transformed into tight curls.
  • With comb, touch up the roots at the crown. Later, give shape to the hair on the top front.
  • For a complete look, pick your favorite head band, and gently placed at position 1 inch back from the front side hairline.
  • You can bring loose strands in front to give a classy look to your face.
  • Now hair on the back, use pins to grab them into a big bun or you can use headband to do the task.

Recommended For:

This hairstyle can be adopted by any face shape, but with mid range hair.

2:- Twisted Edge:

If you are looking for super edge and formal hair style, twisted edge is a perfect choice. In this hairstyle, hair is twisted from face to back, and rest into the loose ponytail. This way, you have sophisticated hairdo with formal touch.

Styling Directions For Twisted Edge:

  • First step is the most important. Start sectioning your hair. With every section, spray your hair to give texture.
  • Now part your hair to one side. Then add extra spray and with your fingers, add extra volume to the top.
  • Now grab rest of the hair to the back, pick headband and secure them in the band. Keep the tail loose so you will have more volume.
  • Still, if small strands are out, then with pins hold them inside.
  • As per your choice, use fancy clip to complete the look.

Recommended For:

This awesome hairstyle will go absolutely stunning for all face shapes. The only requirement is the hair with medium length.

3:- Curls To Remember:

You are searching for curly hairstyle, Curls to remember is the great and elegant choice. Having natural curls is even better, as your curls gonna be arranged into unique and beautiful style. Few small strands will be left in the front for giving soft touch.

Styling Directions For Curls To Remember:

  • You need to have right curling product. If you got one, the apply gently and evenly on all hairs. Use some strong mousse. Now with comb, spread the product on surface to create curls.
  • Pick the diffuser attachment and transform thick strands into strong curls.
  • At the end, leave the strands in the front and twist the remaining in the back.
  • Now, finally, spray the hair to hold the hairstyle for longer time.

Recommended for:

Well, Curls to remember will work for every face shape. Just you have to own natural curly hair.

4:- Messy French Twist:

Messy French Twist, as the name depicts, is the perfect retro style hair style with modern side. This gives you sassy and hot look. Soft short layers make you look gorgeous.

Styling Directions for Messy French Twist:

  • First start with clean and dry hair. Part the hair in the middle.
  • With a curling iron, create soft waves and give more volume to the hair.
  • Use texture spray on the entire head to hold the whole hairstyle.
  • In the front, leave the bangs intact to frame the shape of the face. Hold the rest and lift little up to give more volume.
  • Grab the rest of hair and secure them into a ponytail using a hair band. Transform this ponytail into French twist.
  • Simply add hair spray to hold the hairstyle for longer.

Recommended For:

Messy French Twist works absolutely fine with all face shapes. It is great for fine to thick hair, but if you got wavy hair, Messy French Twist is gonna be smashing for you.

5:- Cascaded Bliss:

Cascaded Bliss is the great bliss for girls. It’s the premium combo of formal and style. At front you get classy curls and in the back formal sleek contrast. No other hairstyle look as elegant and classy as this one.

Styling Directions For Cascaded Bliss:

  • Apply mousse of gel on the hair to diffuse your natural curls.
  • Now section your hair into two main parts. One in the front and second in the back. With pins hold the top part in the front of the face. And twist the rest of the hair to the back.
  • Wit brush, you need to move hair in the back to the one side of the head. DO it with some force to get tighter result.
  • Now twist the hair into bun with pins or headband.
  • Now remove the pins from the section in the front. These curls are gonna give classy look in the front. Now arrange them as you like.

Recommended For:

No matter you got rounf or oval or square shape, it is gonna look fantabolous. Just make sure you have natural curls.


So this was the list on the top gorgeous hairstyles for medium length. Hair styles are the reflection of your lifestyle and persona. Don’t live a boring life with just a single hairstyle. Be brave and bold, Let your old hair go and embrace the amazing and classy hairdo.

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Once you get the hairstyle, You can live a new look for a period. Then change it to another. Life is full of dynamics, then why not bring to your life!

Be beautiful & stay tuned for more fashion tips!

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