Top 50 Must-Read Action And Adventure Books To Read

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Fifty Of The Best Action and Adventure Books Worth Reading

It might be the era of digital reading, but we still love reading books as we have used to in our small days. That is why most of us are finding a time to enjoy books while sitting comfortably somewhere peaceful.

A new year has started. We all have so many expectations and goals to accomplish this year. It is normal we would need a break both physically and mentally in our lives occasionally. Why don’t you find time to read a good book full of adventure and action during your steadily flowing life as a meaningful difference? Have no time to find good books? Don’t worry we have made things easier for you. Here is a list of ‘top 50 must-read action and adventure books to read”.

50. Seven Deadly Wonders by Mathews Reilly

A team of small nations trying to find a capstone that will bring an ultimate power– a millennium of world dominance. Will they be able to find the precise capstone to mount on the top of the great pyramid of Giza to activate the great power?

Read the full book to have an adventurous trip to find the seven deadly wonders!

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 547

Goodreads rating – 4.08/ 5

Our rating – 8.12 / 10

49. Black Order (Sigma Force, #3) by James Rollins

Integrating the epic scale of The Da Vinci Code with the intense excitement of the best action stories nowadays, the Black Order of James Rollins is a timeless adventure–an imaginative and spectacular tour de force that bursts with surprises.  

Genre- Adventure/ Action

Pages – 448

Goodreads rating – 4.14/ 5

Our rating – is 8.3

 48. Riptide by Douglas Prestone

The treasure hidden by the famous pirate Edward Ockham has been a secret to the whole world although many treasure seekers have tried to find an enormous wealth of 2 million. In the meantime, a group of treasure seekers got a clue about the treasure in the mysterious Water Pit on Ragged Island, Maine.

However, a curse cast by Ockham started to work against them during their journey. Would they be able to find the huge treasure by overcoming the horrifying curse of Ockham?

Read Riptide which includes a lot of adventure, action, and thrill and that will bring you to a land of curses in this!

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 528

Goodreads rating – 3.93/ 5

Our rating – is 6.72 / 10

47. The Doomsday Key (Sigma Force, #6) by James Rollins

When three well-reputed people were mysteriously killed on three continents with the same Druidic pagan cross burned into their flesh, commander Gray Pierce and Sigma Force have to compete against time to find the truth behind these mysterious murders. They found the first clue in a mummied corpse, who else know if they have to go to the end of the world to find the truth?

What makes it not a book that must be read?

Genre – Adventure/ Action

Pages – 448

Goodreads rating – 4.15

Our rating – is 8.21

46. The Sum of All Fears (Jack Ryan, #6) by Tom Clancy

How are you shielding the president of the United States against himself? What about if the President were incapable of dealing with the biggest disaster of all? Jack Ryan never felt he’d need to ask these questions because, transforming the global order, he’s setting the field for the peace agreement in the Middle East that could be the one to succeed.

Genre- Action

Pages – 928

Goodreads rating – 4.12/ 5

Our Rating – 8.11/ 10

45. Map of Bones (Sigma Force, #2)

A team of intruders caused a lot of blood on the ground and destruction during a crowded service in Cathedral, Germany. Was it to collect treasure? No… Grayson Pierce and the sigma force had to weave through a terrifying mystery extended over the Seven Wonders of the World to find the reason behind this massive blood fall. What could be the mysterious reason?

Finish reading the book to find the answers to all your questions!

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 523

Goodreads rating – 4.06/ 5

Our rating – is 8.13/ 10

44. The Elephant Tree by R.D. Ronald

The story revolves around Mark Fallon who is a detective and Scott, Angela who are small-scale cannabis dealers. Angela has a criminal career too and helps Scott by providing him Cannabis to deal with. Scott and Angela eventually discover surprising realizations about their present which leads them to uncover secrets of their past lives in a surprising way leaving their friendship to have black marks afterwards.

Curious about how Mark gets into the story of Scott and Angela?

Read the book by R.D. Ronald, an award-winning transgressed crime novelist and discovers the truth behind Scoot’s and Angela’s lives!!

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 252

Goodreads rating – 3.58/ 5

Our rating – is 7.14/ 10

43. Sandstorm (Sigma Force, #1) by James Rollins 

This book will bring you to a lost city under the Arabian desert, “The Atlantis of Sands”. A huge explosion at the London museum causes the Sigma Force agent Painter Crowe to lead the way to this lost city by travelling across the world. A destructive power beyond imagining is after him and two other people are also after the mystery of the lost city. Would Painter be able to compete with them and claim the ultimate prize of the lost city under the Arabian Desert?

Read the first adventure book of the Sigma Force book series by James Rollin, and travel to a lost city which existed million years ago!

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 698

Goodreads rating – 3.95/ 5 

Our rating – is 6.81/ 10

42. Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon, #1) by Dan Brown

The world-famous Harvard symbolist Robert Langdon tries to save the Vatican from a time bomb. Langdon and beautiful and mysterious scientist Vittoria Vetra have to deal with sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs, and deserted cathedrals to discover the most mysterious secret on the earth all the time.

Angels and Demons was one of the best-selling adventure and thrilling books in 2000 and you still have the chance to read it online!

Genre – Adventure/ Thrilling

Pages- 736

Goodreads rating – 3.95/ 5

Our rating – is 7.71/10

41. Amazonia by James Rollin

A team that went on a scientific expedition to the Amazon forest was mysteriously never returned. Years later, one of the team members who was terrified, horrified and successfully safeguarded himself before a few hours to death came back with one of his arms remaining.

Nathan Rand and his team were sent to discover the underlying truth in the world’s most non-hospitalized rainforest Amazon. What is waiting for them in this dark rainforest? It is something that is beyond human imagination. Will Nathan and his team be able to return to discover what happened to the previous scientist?

And believe me or not, it is a book that you must read. The book has been translated into several languages and there is a movie created based on the story. What makes it a qualified book that is a must-read book?

Genre – Adventure/ thrilling

Pages – 510

Goodreads rating- 4.12/ 5

Our rating – is 8.25/10

40. Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

A few days before the massive exhibition at the New York Museum of Natural History, the guests of the museum are secretly murdered in the dark hallways and rooms where the murderer has left no signs.

Autopsies predict that this murder is paranormal or a dark power but the directors of the museum plan to open the exhibition grandly on the previously discussed day without postponing. Margo Green, a museum researcher tries to find the murderer before the grand opening.

Will she also get attached to the dark power? Will she be able to rescue herself and others from this mysterious power?

Read Relic and joins Margo’s journey which will make goosebumps in your body in this to find the truth!

Genre- Adventure/ Thrilling

Pages –480

Goodreads rating – 4.02/5

Our rating – is 8.05/10

 39. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter #7) by J.K.Rowling

Harry Potter is unsafe without his protective charm which is broken. He soon realizes he cannot keep hiding from Voldemort who blows out fears into everything Harry loves. Would Harry find the Horcruxes which is capable of destroying his enemies? 

I would like to encourage you to read this book because who knows? You might have finished reading all the Harry Potter books of Harry Potter published so far after reading the Deathly Hallows!

Genre – Adventure

Pages- 759

Goodreads rating – 4.61/5

Our rating – is 9.31/ 10

38. White Eagle: Awakening by Ellwood Cooper

The life of Billy, a 15-year-old boy was a peaceful one until his father’s mysterious death. During the journey of Billy, his sister Susie and their mother to their grandfather’s place in South Dakota, they started to get threatened by something supernatural. 

Eventually, they get discovered that they are weapons of the Great War between good and evil. What will happen to Billy’s family and their lives at the end of the war?

Genre – Adventure/ Thrilling

Pages – 469

Goodreads rating – 4.69/ 5 

Our rating – is 9.12/10

37. Odd Thomas (Odd Thomas #1)

Odd Thomas is a person who has a sixth sense which makes him capable of communicating with dead people. He recognized a strange-looking person with odd behaviour and he senses that this person is in his town to cause a disaster. Odd Thomas and his soul mate Brownwen try to find who the man is and discover that he is there to cause huge bloodshed on August 15th. And god today is August 14th. Would Thomas rescue his town from this evil man?

Read the book full of mystery, paranormal and supernatural activities in this to make a difference in your adventurous life.

Genre- Adventurous/ thrilling

Pages- 446

Goodreads rating- 3.96/ 5

Our rating – 7.91/ 10

36. Jaws (Jaws #1) by Peter Benchley

A white shark spread fear in Long Island, a seaside resort town. While several women, men, and children became victims of this disastrous shark, the chief policeman of the town comes to save the island from the shark. He is on a mission to save the town and prevent tourists coming to the town to spend the summer break from becoming the victims of the white shark.

This book inspired Steven Spielberg to produce a film that was released in 1995 and scared hundreds of beach lovers to go into the water!

Genre – Adventure/ thrilling

Pages – 520

Goodreads reading – 3.97 /5

Our rating – is 7.91/ 10

35. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

US Marshal Teddy and his new partner Chuck went to Sutter Island to check for a patient who has escaped from the hospital on the island for mentally insane criminals. 

As a demon hurricane attacks them constantly, a curious case ends up taking on so much darker, more menacing shades with clues of progressive experiments, horrific surgery, and deadly counter-moves made with the purpose of a secret war in the shadows.

The story ends differently from what you have been thinking. The story inspired filmmaking as well which left the audience to think about the story ending in their way. 

Read the book up to, and decide how the story ends according to your manner.

Genre – Action

Pages- 369

Goodreads rating – 3.96/ 5

Our rating – is 7.6/ 10

34. Ready Player One (Ready Player One #1) by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One is a fantasy novel from 2011 and American novelist Ernest Cline’s greatest novel. The tale, laid down in a dystopia in 2045, continues to follow the main character Wade Watts on his quest for an Easter egg in an international virtual reality game, the finding of which may lead him to relinquish the game designer’s great deal of money.

Genre – Adventure

Pages- 378

Goodreads rating – 4.27/ 5

Our rating – is 8.61/ 10

33. Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy

Based in the mid-1980s, it depicts a Third World War between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the armies of the Warsaw Pact and is unusual in portraying the battle as being waged solely by nuclear weapons, instead of involving the use of chemical and biological weapons or nuclear war.

Genre – Action

Pages – 656

Goodreads rating – 4.16/ 5

Our rating – is 8.35/ 10

32. Sahara (Dirk Pitt #11) by Clive Cussler

Thousands of North Africans were dead due to an undiscovered disease. The victims were turned into madness, cannibalism and eventually to death. The reason for this disease was later discovered as environmental pollution. What will Pitt and his team find during the journey to save the world from this epidemic disease? You have to read this book to find the answers. Do not miss the opportunity!

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 400

Goodreads rating – 3.96/ 5

Our rating – is 7.81/ 10

31. Raise the Titanic (Dirk Pitt #3) by Clive Cussler

An unprecedented defensive weapon was created by the President’s special task force using a very rare radioactive element. Pitt is after finding what the element is and how disastrous it is. Join his adventurous journey full of goose bumping excitement and meet the soviet spies, a ticking clock and brutal storms. The book was published in 1976 but yes, you can still experience the original excitement in itself!

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 545

Goodreads rating – 3.98/ 5

Our rating – is 7.82/ 10

30. The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings #2) by J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter S. Beagle

Society has been disbanded. Most were desperately preparing for battle with Sauron’s evil power. Many dealt with the wizard Saruman’s treachery. Just Frodo and Sam were elected to take the infernal Ring of Power to be defeated in the evil Lands of Mordor, where Sauron became king. Including a bit of fantasy, this book could bring you to a different world of wizards.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 322

Goodreads rating – 4.44/ 5

Our rating – is 8.02/ 10

29. The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner #1) by James Dashner

What would you feel if awaken in an elevator remembering only your name? Nothing else? Yes, nothing but your name. The mad thing would be you are surrounded by many boys who also remember only their names but nothing else. You are also surrounded by a thick maze that no one can survive. The next time, a girl comes and tells you something terrifying enough for you to go mad. Well, it happened to Thomas. Read Thomas’s story in Maze runner by James Dashner as a must-read book.

Genre – Adventurous

Pages –384

Goodreads rating – 4.02/ 5

Our rating – is 8.16/ 10

28. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

There were none in the mystery novel by the English writer Agatha Christie, mentioned by her as the most complicated and challenging of her novels to write. This was first printed by the Collins Crime Club in the United Kingdom on November 6, 1939, as Ten Little Ni&&ers after the minstrel song, which provides a key plot point.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 264

Goodreads rating – 4.26/ 5

Our rating – is 8.35/ 10

27. Dune (Dune #1) by Frank Herbert

Dune tells the tale of teenage Paul Atreides (the presumed successor to Duke Leto Atreides and claimant to House Atreides) when he and his father embrace sovereignty over the desert planet Arrakis, the first and only destination of the spice mélange, the most important and valuable material in the universe.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 604

Goodreads rating – 4.22/ 5

Our rating – 8.39/ 10

26. The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium #2) by Stieg Larsson, Reg Keeland (Translator)

The Girl Who Played with Fire is (as per the Bookseller magazine) the first and only translated book in the UK’s hardback chart to be number one. It was first written in Swedish in 2016 and translated into English in 2019.

The story revolves around Michael, a publisher of the magazine Millennium and his friend Elizabeth Salander who is a genius hacker. Michael decides to publish a story that is for attracting traffic to the magazine. Two reporters who were responsible for the story were murdered in thoneve of story publication and his fingerprints were found to be Salander’s.

Michael knows she is innocent. Will he rescue Salander who was forced by some power to face her dark past?

Genre – Adventure/ thrilling

Pages – 504

Goodreads rating – 4.24/ 5

Our rating – is 8.35/10

25. Killing Floor (Jack Reacher #1) by Lee Child

Jack Reacher is suspected as a murderer and is about to be arrested by the police. He runs through Margrave and Georgia away from the police because he is offered no chance to convince them that he has not killed anyone. No one gives him a chance. Would he be running away from the police for his whole life? Will he get a chance to explain? Read the Killing floor in this to find the answers!

Genre – Adventurous

Pages – 424

Goodreads rating – 4.05/ 5

Our rating – is 7.92/ 10

24. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter’s life started to become dejected with his relatives as soon as his parents passed away. He eventually finds out that he is a wizard and has a special power himself. This is the first book of the Harry Potter series which bought much fame to the author J.K. Rowling as one of the best authors in the world. Read this book which is full of excitement, an adventure that Harry experiences during the first year at Voldermort.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 322

Goodreads rating – 4.47/ 5

Our rating – is 9.12/ 10

23. Congo by Michael Crichton

A lost city in Congo was found by Amy, a gorilla with an extraordinary vocabulary of 620 signs, an expedition searching for the mystery behind a video of killed scientists who went to Congo times ago. Would Amy and the expedition be able to find the only moving image in the video of dead scientists?

Genre – Adventure/thrilling

Pages – 442

Goodreads rating – 3.59/ 5

Our rating – is 7.12/ 10

22. The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge #1) by Ken Follett

The Pillar of the Earth is a historical novel about the construction of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England, issued in 1989 by Welsh author Ken Follett. It is based on a certain time of the destruction of the White Ship and the assassination of Thomas Becket in the mid-12th century, mainly during most of the Revolution. The book examines Gothic architecture’s growth from the previous Romanesque architecture and the fate of the monastery and community of Kingsbridge against the background of historic events of that period.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 976

Goodreads rating – 4.31/ 5

Our rating – is 8.61/ 10

21. Ice Station (Shane Schofield #1) by Matthew Reilly

If you are bored with your life and prefer to take an adventurous trip to hell, then this is the book. Enter the world of evil through the gate of hell in Antarctica, the most unconquered continent of the world. What makes it a must-read book is that the story is full of excitement, horrific firefights, and terrifying killer whales which will bring you to a different world while you are sitting on the couch of your home.

Genre – Adventurous

Pages – 513

Goodreads ratings – 4.11/ 5

Our ratings – 8.31/ 10

20. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island is an adventure story by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, recounting a tale of “buccaneers and lost gems.” The impact is immense on the common representations of pirates, featuring items such as treasure maps labelled with an “X,” schooners, the Black Spot, tropical islands, and one-legged seamen carrying parrots on their shoulders.

Genre – Adventurous

Pages – 311

Goodreads ratings – 3.83/ 5

Our ratings – 7.58/ 10

19. Deception Point by Dan Brown

The book describes the role of White House intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton in corroborating NASA’s finding of a meteorite supposedly bearing signs of additional earthly life. The revelation occurs before the presidential election of the United States in which her father runs. The insight would support her boss, the U.S. president, Zach’s campaign.

Genre – Adventurous

Pages – 556

Goodreads ratings – 3.71/ 5

Our ratings – 7.42/ 10

18. The Lost World (Jurassic Park #2) by Michael Crichton 

If you have already read the first part of the Jurassic Park novel series, you should have remembered Malcolm. He becomes the main actor in part 2 of the Jurassic Park series and the book revolves around his journey in the Isla Nublar where dinosaurs live in. As we all know how Jurassic Park brings a thriller, read this book and make your presence in a Jurassic Park. 

Genre – Adventure/ Action

Pages – 448

Goodreads rating – 3.37/5

Our rating – is 6.79/ 10

17. Patriot Games (Jack Ryan #1) by Tom Clancy

The book centres on Ryan as the victim of the Irish terror group Ulster Liberation Army to foil their assassination effort at London’s Prince and Princess of Wales. The book was ranked as the UK’s number one best-selling book in 1987, the year it was published. 

Genre – Action

Pages – 503

Goodreads rating – 4.13/ 5

Our rating – is 8.19/ 10

16. The Lord of the Rings (Middle-earth Universe) by J.R.R. Tolkien

Sauron wants the power of all the rings cast into one ring so that he could rule all the other rings. However, he lost one ring and he searched for it for years throughout the Middle-earth. The ring was found by hobbit Bilbo Baggins and he is on a mission of destroying the Ring by casting it into the Cracks of Doom.

The Lord of the Rings speaks about Frodo’s grand journey and the Ring Fellowship: Gandalf the Wizard; Merry, Pippin, and Sam’s hobbits; Gimli the Dwarf; Legolas the Elf; Gondor’s Boromir; and Strider, a tall, enigmatic stranger. Bilbo’s journey through Middle-earth is an expedition full of terror and excitement that could bring you to another world of darkness.

Genre – Adventure/ Action

Pages – 1216

Goodreads rating – 4.49/ 5

Our rating – is 8.88is / 10

15. The Three Musketeers (The D’Artagnan Romances #1) by Alexandre Dumas

Being the first book of the series, The three musketeers revolves around D’Artagnan, who leaves for Paris with the hope of joining the musketeers of the guard. However, he fails but be friends with the three musketeers Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Dumas often portrays the Ancien Régime’s various injustices, abuses, and absurdities, providing the book extra political importance at the moment of its release, a time when the discussion among republicans and monarchists in France was already strong.

Genre – Adventure/ Action

Pages – 625

Goodreads rating – 4.07/ 5

Our rating – is 8.08/ 10

14. Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay is an American novelist Suzanne Collins ‘ 2010 science fiction story. It is The Hunger Games ‘ third game, after The Hunger Games in 2008 and the Catching Fire in 2009. The novel follows the story of Katniss Everdeen, who attempts to unify the Panem regions against the tyrannical Capitol in a revolt. She must become the rebels’ Mockingjay–no matter what the personal cost.

Genre – Adventure/ Action

Pages – 390

Goodreads rating – 4.03/ 5

Our rating – is 8.28/ 10

13. A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin

Love Game of Thrones? The world-famous TV series? Then this is a book you must read before the end of the year.

Martin presents the storylines of the royal houses of Westeros, the Wall, as well as the Targaryens in the book, recalling incidents from different points of view. Many bounce-off activities have been influenced by the book, including many videos. This is also the word-sake and inspiration for Game of Thrones ‘ first season, an HBO TV series that debuted in April 2011.

Genre – Adventure/ Action

Pages – 819

Goodreads rating – 4.45/ 5

Our rating – is 8.92/ 10

12. The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings #3) by J.R.R. Tolkien

If you have read the list of the books from the beginning, you already know about the “The Lord of the Rings” series. We have included two books of the series as must-read books and if you check the 16th and 30th of this book list, you will find the other two recommended books.

The Return of the King is J’s third and final volume. The Lord of the Rings by R. R. Tolkien, after “The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers”. The story starts in Gondor’s empire, which even the Dark Lord Sauron would shortly invade.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 490

Goodreads rating – 4.53/ 5

Our rating – is 9.28/ 10

11. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins

The novel had first been published by Scholastic in hardcover on September 1, 2009, and was republished in paperback and audiobook form. Catching Fire received critical acclaim, with critics highlighting the writing of Collins, the climax of the novel, and the growth of the role of Katniss. The novel’s main topics involve sustainability, authoritarianism, revolt, and cooperation over democracy, as per reviewers. In the U.S. alone, the book sold over 19 million copies.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 391

Goodreads rating – 4.29/ 5

Our rating – is 8.18/ 10

10. Divergent (Divergent #1) by Veronica Roth

The book Divergent depicts a post-apocalyptic interpretation of Chicago and portrays Beatrice’s “Tris” Prior as she examines her role within a world that determines its people through its social and attitude association with five sects, removing the possibility of anyone expressing an individual will and undermining the survival of the community. A romantic subplot involving Tris and one of her mentors in the Dauntless party, called Four, is behind the action and futuristic based main plot.

The book has also been compared with the books “The Hunger Games” and “Running from Maze” because of the similar theme and target audience. The two above mentioned books are also mentioned as must-read books in the book list, so if you are interested in those books, Veronica’s Divergent should be given a try as well.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 487

Goodreads rating – 4.20/ 5

Our rating – is 7.88/ 10

09. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Robin Buss (Translator)

The story is set in Europe, Sicily, and Mediterranean islands during most of the historical events of 1815–39: the Bourbon Restoration period to Louis-Philippe of France’s rule. This starts before the time of the Hundred Days (when after his exile Napoleon returned to power). The historic environment is a key component of the book, an adventure story that focuses mainly on concepts of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, and forgiveness.

Edmon Dante, a successful sailor who was sent to jail by his jealous friends for a fake reason returns as a Count Monte Cristo who is an unbelievably wealthy person. He comes to know about the people who have sent him to jail and take revenge strangely. It is not the revenge we usually read about in most books. How he has become so wealthy? How he is going to take revenge? This book is personally a favourite of mine because it is very exciting how Dumas has connected every single incident throughout the book. You can’t guess how each person will appear in the next chapter in which manner. This is one of the highly recommended books that you must read.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 1276

Goodreads rating – 4.24/ 5

Our rating – is 8.56/ 10

08. The Hunt for Red October (Jack Ryan #3) by Tom Clancy

This shows Soviet submarine captain Marko Ramius as he seems to be rogue in his country’s cutting-edge ballistic missile submarine Red October, which represents the first introduction of the most famous fictional character of Clancy, Jack Ryan, an agent employed for the Central Intelligence Agency, as he must support his hypothesis that Ramius planned to turn against the United States.

The book was loosely inspired by the 1975 mutiny on the Storozhevoy Soviet frigate. Clancy’s solid career as a novelist was introduced by the Hunt for Red October, particularly when we. President Ronald Reagan claimed he loved reading this book.

Genre – Adventure/ Action

Pages – 432

Goodreads rating – 4.06/ 5

Our rating – is 8.16/ 10

07. The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne #1) by Robert Ludlum

The Bourne Identity is Robert Ludlum’s 1980 science fiction novel that tells the story of Jason Bourne, a person of extraordinary survival techniques who has retrograde amnesia and then has to try and discover his true nature. We also have to justify why many secret organizations, a trained killer, and the CIA want him murdered in the end.

Genre – Action

Pages – 566

Goodreads rating – 4.01/ 5

Our rating – is 7.86/ 10

06. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium #1) by Stieg Larsson, Reg Keeland (Translator)

Harriet Vanger has been disappeared 40 years ago when her aged uncle starts to find the truth behind the mystery. Mikael Blomkvist is hired by Harriet’s uncle to investigate this. What will they find at the end? How Harriet has disappeared all of a sudden? Where is she now?

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 465

Goodreads rating – 4.13/ 5

Our rating – is 7.26/ 10

05. The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon #2) by Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code is Dan Brown’s crime detective book of 2003. Including the character, Robert Langdon is Brown’s second novel: the first one was the 2000 book Angels & Demons. After an assassination at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Da Vinci Code targets “symbologist” Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu, leading them to participate in a dispute between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the idea of Jesus Christ being a friend of Mary Magdalen.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 489

Goodreads rating – 3.83/ 5

Our rating – is 6.15/ 10

04. The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings #1) by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Ring Fellowship is the first of three instalments of the English poet J’s epic] book The Lord of the Rings. It was R. R. Tolkien. It follows The Two Towers and The King’s Return. This occurs in the middle-earth fictional universe. This was published in the United Kingdom on July 29, 1954.

Genre – Adventure

Pages –398

Goodreads rating – 4.36/ 5

Our rating – is 7.25/ 10

03. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is an American novelist Suzanne Collins ‘ 2008 dystopian novel. It is published in the character of Panem’s hypothetical, post-apocalyptic republic in North America, 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen. The Capital, a highly developed metropolis, has political power over most of the nation’s remainder. The Hunger Games is an official event in which, of each of the twelve regions of the Capital, one boy and one girl aged 12–18 are chosen by lottery to participate in a televised royal fight to the death.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 374

Goodreads rating – 4.33/ 5

Our rating – is 8.25/ 10

02. The Hobbit, or There and Back Again (Middle-earth Universe) by J.R.R. Tolkien

The titular figure, Bilbo Baggins, is a modest, quiet hobbit. In his journey, Bilbo often references his larder’s holdings at home and hopes for further food. He’s more clutter than support before he discovers a magic ring. Gandalf, a wandering wizard, presents Bilbo to a thirteen-dwarf business.

On side chores dimly alluded to, the magician leaves throughout the ride, only to emerge once more in the plot at crucial moments. Thorin Oakenshield, the prideful, pompous leader of the Dwarf Company and inheritor of the ruined Dwarf Kingdom underneath the Lonely Mountain, made a lot of mistakes in his governance, focusing on Gandalf and Bilbo and getting him out of difficulty.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 366

Goodreads rating – 4.27/ 5

Our rating – is 8.45/ 10

01. Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park #1) by Michael Crichton

An incredible method has been found to retrieve and replicate dinosaur DNA. Now the most fulfilling visions of civilization have come true. Extinct monsters inhabit Jurassic Park with their amazing appearance and intense mystery for eons, and the whole planet will encounter them at a premium price.

Genre – Adventure

Pages – 466

Goodreads rating – 4.02/ 5

Our rating – is 8.15/ 10

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What is action and adventure book?

Action and Adventure is a genre of fiction that usually involves an adventure, risk taking and often action and physical danger.

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