TOP 5 Malta Permanent Residence Benefits

Three islands are just north of Libya and south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, hundreds of tourists who want a break from the hustle and bustle, gain strength and improve their health visit these areas of land. But not everyone knows the benefits of living in Malta, how it is a developed republic, and how it can surprise. After all, this territory is not only endless white beaches, modern achievements, and economic stability. 

Do you want to bask on sunny beaches and “bathe” in the luxury of a “tax paradise”? It is pretty realistic to combine these things. And at the same time, you can make money by investing in any sector of the economy or buying real estate and renting it out. And now, let’s talk about the main advantages of living on one of the Maltese islands so you can assess your planning strategy regarding the move.

Visa-free travels

One of the Malta PR benefits is a simplified system of consideration of applicants and a loyal attitude to investors. No one will dispute that it is much more convenient to pay the deposit amount after the approval of the citizen’s identity than to invest before the visa is issued. This way, the government will not have to return the money if the cosmopolitan is rejected. And he, in his turn, is rapidly moving towards his goal of obtaining residency by investment and dual citizenship.

At the same time, by receiving an entry permit, a resident can use pros and travel to more than 20 countries of the Schengen area and more than 185 countries of the European continent. The time spent in each is limited, up to 90 days in six months. The investor may freely reside, study and work anywhere in the Eurozone. In fact, he opens up before him unlimited horizons previously inaccessible. Furthermore, the passport allows you to make personal and business visits to Canada, Australia, and the United States on a visa-free regime, significantly saving time and money on flights.

Possibility of obtaining Maltese citizenship

After five years, all residents who have obtained a residence permit through investment can claim the advantages of Malta permanent residence and dual citizenship. It is not prohibited by law, so bi-citizens have all citizen rights at home and in the territory of the Republic of Malta.

Tax optimization

The progressive taxation system gives an opportunity to reduce the excessive tax burden and optimize the financial activity of the investor. Personal income from foreign sources, inheritance, and capital gains are not taxed. In addition, persons holding a Maltese passport and not residing in the jurisdiction for more than 183 days per year are exempt from any financial obligations in favor of the Republic.

Business opportunities

International business and the Maltese Permanent Residence program are more than compatible.

The list of tangible Maltese pr advantages for the entrepreneur consists of the following:

  • access to the European banking system; 
  • the possibility to open deposits, to register assets;
  • the opportunity to rent real estate;
  • the option to buy securities;
  • dual citizenship and a second EU passport.

All this, combined with a lenient taxation system, puts the state in demand among business people and start-ups.


Malta provides a truly unique residency program, which combines a stable political situation, a constantly developing economy, an excellent Mediterranean climate, a favorable geographical location, and a low crime rate, putting it on par with the leading European states. According to the specialist of Immigrant Invest Evgeniya Morozova, today, the desire to obtain Maltese citizenship no longer seems impossible, thanks to the government migration program issuing residence. The Malta Passport Project provides foreign investors a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to the country’s economy and get the coveted status. In turn, subject to full compliance with the requirements and criteria for selecting applicants, Maltese officials are committed to granting the applicant and all his family members included in the collective application Maltese residency and, eventually, citizenship.

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