Top 5 Best Books like Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

There are good things about the new Abby Abernathy. Her wardrobe includes a sufficient number of cardigans, and she doesn’t drink or swear. While Abby believes she has distanced herself enough from her past, Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand quickly challenges her plans for a new beginning.

Author: Jamie McGuire




Here are our personal top picks of other best romance books like Beautiful Disaster that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1) Reminders of Him

Kenna Rowan returns to the town where it all went wrong after serving five years in prison for a tragic mistake involving her daughter. She hopes to join her daughter for the first time since she was a baby. However, Kenna’s burning of bridges makes rebuilding them impossible. Even though Kenna works hard to prove herself to everyone in her daughter’s life, they are determined to keep her out.

Author: Colleen Hoover

(2) Catching Tatum

Tatum vows she would never again let a guy to hurt her when Cole Jackson, the star athlete and high school heartthrob, breaks her heart. She is capable of being as soulless and impersonal as they are. Love, like her preferred sport of baseball, is really a game. Any man brave enough to take a swing after that has to round the bases according to her rules. They are eliminated if they don’t.

Author: Lucy H. Delaney

(3) Empty Me Out

Just having a fun girls’ night out is all that Kelsey desires. Mark, who is brimming with enough liquid courage to make come-on lines feel like an adventure in smarmy harassment, ambushes her instead, causing her to suffer the consequences. She is not impressed and labels him as a typical college jerk and grade-A neanderthal, making it clear that she has no interest in him at all. She can actually put him out of her head more quickly if he quickly removes his attractive face and drunken breath from her.

Author: S.A. Healey

(4) Anna and the French Kiss

In Atlanta, where she has a fantastic job, a devoted best friend, and a crush that might develop into something more, Anna is eagerly anticipating her senior year. She’s not very delighted when her father sends her off to boarding school in Paris without warning, that is, until she meets Étienne St. Clair, the ideal boy. The sole issue? If anything happens to her crush from back home, Anna might be kidnapped if he’s already taken. Will the French kiss Anna is waiting for finally happen after a year of romantic near-misses?

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Best Romance Books Like Beautiful Disaster to Read

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find Beautiful Disaster interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

Let us know how you feel. Write your comments below on books that you have enjoyed similar to Beautiful Disaster.

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