Top 5 Best Books like A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness’s dazzling debut novel, has made her well-known and enthused readers all around the world. In this story of passion and obsession, Diana Bishop, a young academic and witch descendent, unearths Ashmole 782, a long-lost and magical alchemical document, in the Bodleian Library of Oxford. She journeys through the mythical underworld with her leading man, vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont, as a result of its emergence.

Author: Deborah Harkness

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like A Discovery of Witches that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1)The Witch’s Daughter

Elizabeth has created a tranquil existence for herself in modern-day England by taking care of her garden and selling herbs and oils at the neighborhood farmers market. But when a teenage girl named Tegan starts hanging out, her loneliness unexpectedly comes to an end. Elizabeth starts teaching Tegan the Hedge Witch’s ways against her better judgment, reawakening long-forgotten memories and demons in the process.

Author: Paula Brackston

(2)House of Sky and Breath

They may have saved Crescent City, but Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar are just trying to get their lives back to normal after all the recent commotion. Speed up. Identify what the future may contain.

Author: Sarah J. Maas 



(3)Hell Bent

Locate a portal to the underworld. rescue a soul from hell. A straightforward strategy, yet few travelers who make this particular trek return. Even if it means giving up her future at Lethe and at Yale, Galaxy “Alex” Stern is determined to save Darlington from purgatory.

Author: Leigh Bardugo


(4) The War of Two Queens

Poppy will do all in her power to free her King and overthrow the Blood Crown. Poppy must persuade the Atlantian generals to wage war her way because there can be no retreat this time, despite the strength of the Primal of Life’s guardians behind her and the support of the elves. Not if she possesses any h

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout 


(5) The Golden Enclaves

The one thing you never talk about while you’re in the Scholomance is what you’ll do when you get out. Not even the richest enclaver would tempt fate that way. But it’s all we dream about: the hideously slim chance we’ll survive to make it out the gates and improbably find ourselves with a life ahead of us, a life outside the Scholomance halls.

Author: Naomi Novik 


Best Books to Read Like A Discovery of Witches

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find A Discovery of Witches    interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

Let us know how you feel. Write your comments below on books that you have enjoyed similar to A Discovery of Witches

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