Top 2022 Trends for Digital Transformation in Education

While the pandemic might have accelerated events, there has always been a gradual shift toward the digital transformation of our education system. As schools around the world have had to make changes in the way they teach, it might be hard to keep track of what is currently being implemented. In this article, we go over 5 of the latest trends for digital transformation in education in 2022.

5 Top 2022 Trends for Digital Transformation in Education

1.   Artificial Intelligence

With AI, schools are now able to deliver quality education to students. For instance, with text-to-voice AI algorithms, students who suffer from Dyslexia are now able to share their thoughts more easily. There are also voice-to-text algorithms that allow for classes to be easily transcribed into text. This saves the students time in drafting their notes, and it also allows students to focus on what’s been thought rather than what’s being said. Perhaps the area where AI has been of the most help is providing personalized learning to students, allowing teachers and students to make the most out of their class together.


2.   Blended learning

Many schools have had to make changes to how lectures are delivered in order to comply with government regulations and for safety issues. It is becoming increasingly popular for schools to implement a blended learning schedule that involves online learning as well as an in-person class.


Even some of the best digital marketing colleges implement blended learning. The advantage blended learning has over online-only learning, is that the student has the opportunity to socialize with other students, and their progress can be monitored in person by teachers.


3.   Data analytics

Many online learning platforms are now able to track a student’s performance and provide data as well. Some platforms give tutors data regarding how long students spend on the platform, their main areas of study, and how well they perform on tests and exams. The benefit of this type of analytics is that schools are now able to quickly identify when a student’s performance is dropping, and the likely causes. With such data, schools are also able to develop new methods of teaching, as experimentation with different teaching methods can easily be monitored and feedback is usually instant.


4.   Augmented Reality

The pandemic has made it difficult for people to gather together in public places. To help mitigate this, many schools have had to rely on AR/VR technology. This turned out to be a great and cost-effective method, as students could, for instance, visit a museum in Texas, while they are located in New York. Students of all ages can definitely benefit from this technology, and it is only getting better. In the future, you can expect to see cheaper and more powerful VR headsets that would be able to read human poses and provide 4K resolution visuals.

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5.   Increased reliance on the Internet of Things devices

For students to be able to learn online, they need access to computers, and as a result, there has been an increase in the demand for IoT devices. This reliance on IoT devices is likely not going away any time soon as many schools have seen the benefits of online learning, and they probably won’t be switching back to fully offline learning anytime soon. And SEO, in turn, also helps educational institutes get a digital presence and establishes a relationship between the prospective students and the colleges.



Education is one of the important sectors for most countries. The amount of effort and resources spent on it will go a long way in deciding how well the future generation of graduates are able to perform when they enter the job market. Hopefully, with more time and money being invested in the digital transformation of education, we’ll see more interesting trends and changes.


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