20 Most Popular Digital Products To Sell in 2022

Digital Product Ideas To Sell Online Right Now!

There are several options and ways to consider when it comes to producing money online. Some of the most popular methods, such as AdSense, affiliate schemes, and direct ad sales, are popular because of their simplicity. Small enterprises may now be operated from anywhere on the planet. For some, selling digital items may supplement their primary source of income. Some individuals turn it into a full-time career.

Both of these examples have one thing in common: they make use of the apparent advantages of selling digital things. The most appealing features are the large profit margins and limitless possibilities. They may be extended forever as well!

Get ready for some digital product ideas and inspiration. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular digital products to sell on the internet.

What are digital products?

A software-enabled product or service that provides value to a person is referred to as a digital product or service. To put it another way, every digital product, from a smartphone app to a website, is created to solve a problem for a group of individuals who are attempting to do something. There will be possibilities to manufacture and sell things regardless of your sector. Digital items are preferred since they can be delivered swiftly and easily to any area on the globe at minimal or no cost to your clients.

Reasons To Sell Digital Products Online

You have complete control – When you create your items, you have complete control. You pick the sort of goods you want to sell and the price you want to charge.

Limitless potential revenue – You may earn an unlimited amount of money through other monetization strategies as well. The most successful affiliate marketers make a lot of money by selling other people’s items.

Create a product to help you market yourself as an expert in your industry – If you don’t already have a reputation as a thought leader in your profession, or if you want to raise your profile, developing a product is a wonderful method to do so.

1. Software

The software business is enormous and continues to expand. There are several possibilities. In the next several years, the worldwide software market is expected to be worth more than $1 trillion. Massive!

Every day, people use computers and mobile devices. Apps that consumers desire and need to speed up company processes and daily lives can be created by coders and product developers. The most profitable digital product may be software. Here are just a few examples of software products you may create and sell, ranging from major organisations to small businesses to individual users:

Apps for mobile devices

Apps for getting in shape

Plugins for WordPress

Themes for WordPress

Apps for Windows

Apps for project management

Computer and video games

Apps for Windows

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2. Graphics And Digital Art

Graphic designers and artists are capable of producing a wide range of distinctive and valued goods. Selling digital files helps you to reach a large audience. This is a terrific approach to generate money online since it allows you to repurpose abilities you already have.

Here are several examples:

Templates for design

Themes for PowerPoint

Adobe templates and files (.PSD and . AI files)

Kits for branding logos

Templates for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo

3. Fonts

Fonts and fonts are fantastic instances of ever-popular digital items. Customer tastes shift over time, and designers require new typefaces regularly.

Website designers may produce and distribute fonts for usage on the web, as well as in desktop apps like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

4.   Music and audio

Music and audio are effective means of conveying a message. People pay for audio files that entertain, soothe, inform, motivate, and assist them in achieving their business objectives.

The following are examples of audio products:


Popular songs in karaoke format

Classes in a foreign language

Soothing background sounds

Lectures that have been recorded

Samples of music

Sound effects that can be reused

5.   Educational downloads

Educational downloads are digital items that teach or enlighten your audience about something important. Creators and influencers who offer instructional content generally focus on a single topic that they are well-versed in.

After being successful on TikTok with her culinary videos, Sellfy founder Ashley Renee began authoring and selling keto diet ebooks. Her desire to self-publish sprang from the great demand for her recipes. And she’s now able to support herself as an entrepreneur.

6.   Courses and tutorials

Do you have extensive knowledge of a subject but prefer not to teach it one-on-one? In such instances, you may offer online courses or tutorials and turn your expertise into a ready-made digital product.

There are a variety of approaches to make information transmission easier over the internet: Start by deciding on a course type, and then develop original material on a topic you’re passionate about. It may be any form of material that solves a problem or teaches new skills to your audience.

7.   Tickets

Unlike other digital items, tickets are frequently associated with a time-based event at a physical place. They’re also not available in infinite amounts. Tickets, on the other hand, may be sold on a website in the same manner that most other digital items are. Customers may go to the site, make their selections, check out, and receive their tickets without having to speak to anyone.

Tickets for conferences, concerts, carnivals, and other time-based events can be purchased online. Or sell tickets to amusement parks, zoos, and museums that may not have a set admittance time.

8.   Ebooks

Do you consider yourself an authority on a specific subject?

Consider turning that knowledge into an eBook and selling it to others who are interested in learning. People are always seeking new ways to expand their knowledge. Make that material available to your audience so that they may profit in the long run. To get new leads or sell your other items, create and distribute free content.

This strategy might be beneficial for newcomers who are beginning from scratch. Create how-to tutorials and give relevant knowledge to your audience to make money online.

9.   Photographs

Consider converting your pastime into a successful company if you have a good eye for photography. To retain consumers, you may sell your images individually or as part of a subscription-based bundle.

Several websites may assist photographers in getting their images recognized by more people. Start selling your photographs on a digital products marketplace dedicated to high-quality images. However, don’t overlook the value of other platforms (such as social media) in terms of growing an audience and following your photography.

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10.  Plans For Nutrition, Workouts, And Meal Preparation

If you enjoy fitness, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle, and you frequently provide exercise advice to your friends, this might be a terrific way to earn money from what you currently do. Videos, social media material, blogs, and other forms of marketing can all be used to promote these items. Many firms provide complimentary items, such as pre-exercise beverages paired with training videos or nutrition programs along with meal-prep suggestions. This might be a technique to add a digital component to an existing physical product or a means to generate more cash by selling several digital items.

11.  Online Support And Exclusive Communities

One of the most popular goods to sell right now is online help. We live in a period where technology is fast advancing and numerous generations are attempting to grasp it. If you are a technical specialist in any way, this may be a fantastic chance for you.

Many firms provide online assistance to aid clients with technical difficulties or to speed up the onboarding process. However, online support does not have to be related to a product. You may make money from the knowledge you already have by sharing it with those who may not be as knowledgeable about a subject as you are. It doesn’t have to be complicated to provide online assistance; it might be as basic as assisting someone with connecting their email to their computer.

12.  Cloud App Design Templates

There’s a new category of graphic templates that deserves its notice. Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express are two examples of web-based (cloud) design programs that are rapidly gaining popularity.

Non-pros and professionals alike may rapidly create gorgeous designs using only a web browser using these applications. They’re excellent for novices. There are tens of millions of people who use them. And as social media expands, this will only increase.

13.   Fonts

Fonts and fonts are fantastic instances of ever-popular digital items. Customer tastes shift over time, and designers require new typefaces regularly.

Website designers may produce and distribute fonts for usage on the web, as well as in desktop apps like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

14.  Video

Video is a widely popular and efficient tool for presenting information online. Content that is educational, instructional, or entertaining is all possible. It has a greater engagement rate than text. By just hitting the play button and watching, it is simple to eat. Some people like to learn faster by watching 1.5x or 2x speed videos.

Video is quite popular among users, and they are typically prepared to pay for it. You may sell a wide range of video formats, such as:

Footage obtained on the internet

Templates for AfterEffects

Aerial footage captured by a drone

Online courses and training

Motion graphics special effects templates

15. Documents

You are an expert in a certain field. So, what is it exactly? What can you do to assist businesses or people in achieving their goals? This can take a variety of forms. Assist others with the following responsibilities:

Sports for the Whole Family

A lot is going on in the business world.

Personal health is a rewarding hobby.

You may already be doing so on your website or blog. Curate your material and publish it in the form of papers. This will help both you and your guests. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Templates (such as resumés and proposals)

Case studies are used to demonstrate how a subject works.

Reports, rules, and recommendations about the industry

Items available for download (checklists, planners, mindfulness guides)

16. Spreadsheets

A type of document is a spreadsheet. They do, however, deserve to be included as a separate product category. At work, almost everyone utilises spreadsheets on a regular or irregular basis. Databases, automation software and SaaS platforms can all interact with spreadsheets. Then, there are Google sheets API that can easily assist you in reading, writing, modifying and formatting data in Google spreadsheets, by using your favorite programming language, be it Java, Python & JavaScript.

Microsoft Excel, a commercial app, is one of the most widely used software programs ever. Then there’s Google Sheets and Apple Numbers, two popular free spreadsheet software. With these three applications, anyone with a computer or mobile device in the globe may effortlessly utilize a spreadsheet.

For many occupations, knowing how to utilize them is a vital business skill. As a result, spreadsheet templates and spreadsheet training courses are in high demand (learn more about selling courses below).

17.  Web-Based Applications

Web applications, like software, don’t need to be downloaded and installed on your device or computer.

Instead, a web browser is used to run this software. “Software as a Service” (SaaS) is an abbreviation that stands for “software as a service” (Software as a Service). Even though they may be labelled as such, these businesses are not “digital products.” Customers have the same perception of them and use them in the same way.

Many software developers are faced with the decision of whether to create a web-based SaaS application or a distributed, installable program. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem is enormous. Here are a few instances, many of which will be familiar to you: The following are examples of file storage services:


MediaFire One of the iCloud music apps is Spotify.

Drip is a platform for email marketing.


18.  Coaching/ Mentoring

If you are educated about a certain subject, there are undoubtedly individuals who want to learn from you. You may also personalise your coaching by holding one-on-one sessions or offering group mentorship. Some themes where you may apply your expertise and serve as a coach include:

Software for Financial Organisations

Wellness and Health

Writing about products and services, etc.

When you start getting clients, they may help you build your business by giving you positive feedback. Giving people your time and skills is a terrific way to get started selling on the internet and keep money pouring in. Websites like Clarity.FM and GrowthMentor are great for building a good mentor/coach profile.

19. Website, marketing, and UX auditing

Most business owners aren’t focused on enhancing their website/app or aren’t even aware of the role it plays in their company’s growth. Your customised services to a company’s website or business demands might be one of your best-selling goods online.

There’s no need to speak in broad terms about how you can assist. You may personalise your reports for each customer, highlighting areas for development and ways to make their website or marketing campaign more effective in the future.

Because you are examining it objectively, having an outside viewpoint is sometimes what organisations require to prosper. Users may enter their domain name and obtain real-time feedback on sites like HEXAMETER. They give input on domain information, website load time, broken links, and SSL certificates.

20.  Virtual summits and online meetings

Virtual summits may take more work than the other methods we’ve described for selling things online, but the payoff may be enormous. Consider it a virtual version of a conference.

Speakers who are experts in their fields can be scheduled to lecture remotely to people all around the world. You may also add supporting assets to your online events, such as text or videos, to make them more active than just a speaker. There are tools available, such as this virtual summit mastery course, that walk you through the steps of planning your first online event.

They assist you in maximising your earning potential and provide information that you may use to create your virtual summit.

Did You Know?

One of the finest aspects of the internet is the opportunity to reach the worldwide market. Another is the potential for selling digital things and distributing them on an automated basis without running out of stock. There’s no packing, no shipping, no inventory, no chance of breakage or soiling from handling, and none of the other delightful things that come with selling real goods.

Bottom Line

There are many methods to generate money online, but developing your product provides several benefits that should not be overlooked. It isn’t simple, but then, few worthwhile solutions are. You’ve completed the task! I hope you find this guide as entertaining to read as I did to create it for you.

Now that you have a list of digital things to offer online, it’s time to take the plunge and start your business! All it takes is some market research and the opening of your Sellfy shop. You’ve come to the perfect spot whether you’re wanting to supplement your income or start a full-fledged internet company. Best of luck!

Keep in mind that while generating digital items, quality should take precedence over quantity. Nothing is preventing you from making and selling something one-of-a-kind. Get started right away!

Make an effort to develop high-quality items that will offer value to people’s lives. Now it’s your turn: Which digital product would you pick for your own business? Is it, for example, a webinar or an eBook?


Fun Fact

What exactly is a digital product?

Digital products are software-enabled products or services that have some form of utility for humans. That is, digital products, from mobile applications to website experiences, are products that solve problems for large groups of people.


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