Top 10 Usefull & Funny Car Gadgets

Top 10 Handy Car Gadgets Every Car Owner Must have

Most of the times, cars are our second home. Not only do we drive it, but also eat in it, sleep in it, make calls in it and sometimes even use it as storage. So, you should probably upgrade your car accessories and make it more organised. Or just super neat.

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1. Car Trash Can

In all seriousness, this one is the most needed item inside a car, and I’m going to buy it myself right now. All that trash you throw on the floor, thinking “I’ll pick it up later”, and then you don’t… Well, say goodbye to that. This trash bin has a waterproof interior and a lid with elastic opening, so you can easily throw away trash and not have to look at it.

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2. Trunk Organiser

This elegant storage box will keep your trunk neat and organised. And you won’t have to dig through the trunk whenever you’re looking for tools.

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3. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

It’s very easy to use. Great for measuring and maintaining the correct tyre pressure at all times. It has a small LCD screen and can be used by anyone, even those who know nothing about cars.

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4. Car Cigarette Lighter Button

But it’s not just any button – it’s a big button that says “fire missiles” on top. And, let’s get real here, who wouldn’t want to press that?

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5. Side Pocket Console

This one gives extra storage for the driver. It literally has everything – two cup holders, a place for a wallet, a phone, coins, keys, etc. It’s definitely a useful addition to your second home.

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6. LED Strip Light

Change the atmosphere in your car to anything you like. It can be romantic, cool, Fast and furious-like, etc. It has 8 different colours and scenes mode.

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7. Magnetic Phone Holder

It’s super practical and can be used for any type of phone. The best thing about this particular holder is that it’s magnetic, so you don’t have to press or pull anything to get your phone – you just grab it and put it back in the same manner.

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8. Car Hooks

Simply attach them to the back of your front seats and hang anything you want. It’s perfect for handbags and backpacks.

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9. Dashboard Camera

Want to safely record that beautiful driving of yours? Just attach this camera, press “record” and start your journey. It’s easy to use, and you’ll have something to brag about to your friends.

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10. Seat Net Barrier

This is the best one yet. Want to keep your kids from bugging you from the back seat? Or your pet? Don’t you worry! Just place this net in between front seats and it will keep away even the most persistent ones.

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