Top 10 European Cities for a 2023 Visit

Don’t Miss These 10 European Cities for a 2023 Visit

Heading to Europe soon? If you aren’t, you should! It’s a good vacation spot to be.

Especially mid-July, where Europe is in summer – without being too hot.

And that’s exactly what you want. You need a little warmth, but not too much heat that’ll make your day bad!

So below, we’ll mention the top 10 European cities to visit. Be sure to check them all out, if you have the budget!

(1) Santorini – Greece

Want a traditional-looking environment that also doubles as a beach spot? Well, this is a place to be!

Really, when heading to Greece, you’re always doing so for the beaches. The Greek has tons of islands, where beach living is a culture there…

And hey, you’re on the Mediterranean. You’ve got many beautiful countries to enjoy too.

But Greece is definitely at the top of the list.

(2) Athens – Greece

You can’t call a visit to Greece a vacation without seeing Athens.

You’ve got to see the remnants of ancient Greece yourself.

They’re beautiful and awe-inspiring. And they’ll change your view on philosophy if that’s what you’re oriented too!

(3) Rome – Italy

Just close by to Greece, consider this your lunch spot.

Italians are known for treating food as a religion. And if you want to enjoy a good vacation, you need a good cuisine…

You’ll definitely find the best in Rome, Italy’s capital city.

(4) Lake Como – Italy

While at Rome, consider a stay at Lake Como.

Few places in the world match the beauty of this location. You’ll get insane scenery, combining deep blue waters with snowy mountains.

If anything, this place is a romantic getaway. Or a location to practice artistic talent!

(5) Venice – Italy

Top 10 European Cities for a 2019 Visit

That’s right, still in Italy.

Venice is one of the world’s most unique cities. It’s one that’s practically submerged underwater. And you can enjoy moving around it in unique ways…

One would be the gondola, a nice stereotype for a romantic vacation.

If you’re on a honeymoon, or simply travelling with a partner, consider Venice! And hey, you can always try out the previous options on this list too!

(6) Swiss Alps – Switzerland

It’s more of a winter-time spot. Since you’ll have a hard time skiing during the summer.

The Swiss Alps are for those who love the cold. It’s good for a December vacation, where you can enjoy the snow with some hot drinks!

Once you head there, you’ll enjoy the location. And it’ll definitely be a habit!

(7) Innsbruck – Austria

A nice alternative to enjoying the Swiss Alps.

At Innsbruck, you get to ski. But the mountains are right beside a city, so you get some urban scenery too.

Not a bad option if you enjoy environmental diversity!

(8) Amsterdam – Netherlands

If weed isn’t legal where you are, then just go to Holland.

Weed is a culture there. Its use is casual. And it’s a good way to unwind when visiting Europe.

Amsterdam isn’t like the previous options on the list. This city is a bit tight-packed and crowded. But it’s one you’ll definitely enjoy!

(9) Paris – France

The land of sensuality. Known for love, romance, and more elegance than the average city.

There isn’t much to be said about this city. It’s the capital city of France, and there’s so much for you to explore.

Make sure to give this place a part of your travel budget.

(10) London – UK

Another big city and we saved it for last.

Visiting London is something you must do once in your life. There’s just a mood about the place and its monuments that feels stuck back-in-time.

And museums – they’re everywhere.

There are Many More Cities to Visit

The previous should be you starting options for a 2019 visit.

They’re the most common touring destinations for most folk. And we don’t recommend visiting smaller cities before going there first!

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