Top 10 Camping Spots in Australia to Stay

Ten Camping Spots in Australia

Australia presents some of the best camping spots a person can find from wilderness camping experiences to self-sufficient sites or holiday-making with luxury in mind. The diverse landscapes allow campers to explore, take part in assorted activities or just enjoy a relaxing environment. I attempt to highlight the top 10 camping spots in Australia that focus on beach or forest adventures.

1. Kimberley Kununurra Camping Experience

The Kimberley Kununurra Camping site in Western Australia offers a wilderness adventure to nature lovers. The facility permits an opportunity to take part in a camping journey surrounded by diverse natural environments. Apart from camping, one can appreciate an interesting fishing environment or view the rock art heritage resources in the area. The camping site provides access to restaurant food if you become tired of your recipes and beachfront access to gain a view at a majestic ocean. I give the Kimberley Kununurra Camping Experience a number 1 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

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2. Port Fairy

Port Fairy easily accessible from the Great Ocean Road allows visitors to combine their camping experience with exploration activities. The camping area provides all powered facilities holidaymakers need and added facilities to colour your vacation. The holiday facility offers access to tennis courts, a heated pool and a jumping pad. Also, one can explore the rich archaeological maritime history known to the Port Fairy landscape or take part in diverse festivals planned throughout the year. I give Port Fairy a number 2 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

3. Daintree National Park

The Daintree National Park permits diverse camping opportunities to the tourist or holidaymaker visiting the beautiful landscape. The area presents different stand views to accommodate visitors with diverse personalities or needs. The locations vary between camping areas within the rainforest, the beach, next to the river, or closer to the village. Besides the camping opportunity, tourists can observe the unique natural environments, wildlife and forest ecosystems typical of the Daintree environment. The camping sites provide powered or unpowered opportunities depending on the camper’s preferences. People can also book RV camping sites if required. I give the majestic Daintree National Park a number 3 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

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4. Alpine National Park

The Alpine National Park provides majestic opportunities for the experienced camper. Diverse campsite spots spread across the camp allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape and become part of natures ruggedness. Some campsites permit access to amenities but mostly one should prepare for a self-sufficient experience. Strict rules apply during the use of wood and making of fireplaces. Visitors should ensure they understand and comply with the rules before entering the area. The Alpine National Park sometimes display extreme weather conditions that require consideration during the visit. The area presents excellent walking trails for the experienced hikers to enjoy. I give the Alpine National Park a number 4 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

5. Cable Bay, Innes National Park

The Cable Bay camping ground provides surroundings of ocean views, beaches, and tranquil natural environments. Tourists can also visit the Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park, learn from cultural history and investigate the marine archaeological landscapes in the area. Campers who love surfing can enjoy their early morning swim and take part in the wave rides. The camping site at the Innes Park offers sceneries of limestone geological features, fishing spots, walking trails and places for snorkelling. If you enjoy a self-sufficient camping experience, this trip may provide all you need. I give the Cable Bay, Innes National Park, a number 5 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

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6. Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

Vivonne Bay in Kangaroo Island provides access to 6 camping grounds situated at designated areas. These sites allow for unpowered or powered facilities depending on the campers requirements. The camp areas prevent visitors from making open fires and recommend the use of gas or liquid fuel when camping. The camping places present facilities inclusive of bathrooms and access to water. Also, the family can enjoy entrance at a playground or picnic sites. Tourists can reach the beach areas and enjoy diving into the shoreline waters. I give the Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island a number 6 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

7. Notch Point

Seasoned travellers who enjoy a rough camping experience should visit the Notch Point camping sites about 1.5 hours away from South Mackay. One needs a sense for adventure, and the use of a 4 x 4 vehicle may assist with the journey. The camping site reached via the entrance at a working farm allows for splendid ocean views and opportunities to gain direct access to the beach areas. Besides ocean views, one can take part in fishing, swimming or simply chilling. Campers need to understand the meaning of self-sufficient camping and also attempt to stay away from visiting wildlife during certain times of the day. The magnificent beauty allows for all the camping experience one may never forget. I give Notch Point a number 7 on the 10 camping spots in the Australia list.

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8. Hinchinbrook Island Camping Experience

Hinchinbrook Island provides diverse camping experiences that tourists can enjoy. The landscape offers different bush camping or beach experiences. Some areas comprise evidence of crocodiles, but the camping authorities request adherence from crossing the barriers. Besides, camping sites allow access to varied walking trails or kayaking opportunities. Different permits apply according to the camping sites, but all information one can request from the friendly booking team. Campers should remember to bring with fresh water, rubbish bags, and preferably a fuel stove. Weather transforms quickly, and the authorities publish warnings continuously to inform campers of potential dangers. I give the diverse Hinchinbrook Island camping experience a number 9 on the 10 camping spots in Australia a camper should visit.

9. Byron Bay Camping

Byron Bay provides excellent camping sites to the camper, looking for a peaceful experience. Tourists can purchase outdoor supplies at the facility if you need additional gadgets or need to refill your gas bottle. The tropical climate makes space for those rainy days, and campers should prepare to enjoy those wet holiday seasons. The camping area provides access to safari tents in the event of poor weather. The popular holiday venue offers assorted festivals during the year, and sometimes campers need to book in advance. I give Byron Bay Camping a number 9 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

10. Talo Camping Retreat

Talo Retreat presents an alternative to self-sufficient camping and provides a luxury experience to their visitors. If you a camper but still require access to amenities, a visit at the Talo Retreat may surprise you. The exclusive tents allow access to showers, air-conditioning and dry cleaning facilities. Besides, you also receive access to daily newspapers to keep one up to speed with outside events. Tourists can take part in cycling or canoeing activities during the day. I give a visit to the Talo Camping Retreat a number 10 on the top 10 camping spots in Australia.

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Can you just camp anywhere in Australia?

Freedom or free camping in Australia is possible, but it isn’t allowed just anywhere. There are specifically designated areas across the country that are either free or very inexpensive. If your main reason for free camping is saving money, be very careful!

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