Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

Location of Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

Australia has always attracted the tourists round the world.  It has so much to give to the travelers. The natural beauty, the rich fauna and flora, the intriguing history, the culture and the man made tourist attractions. Australia is undoubtedly a treat to the travelers.

There are many destinations in Australia that have been very popular among the tourists. The  Wet’ n Wild’ Gold Coast is one of them. It is a paradise for the people who love water sports and adventure. It is a very huge water park and is always stuffed with visitors. It receives thousands of visitors throughout the year. The water park remains open throughout the calendar. All the pools and the slides of the park are heated during the winters to offer an amazing experience to the visitors. It is operated by the Village Road show theme park.

Wet’ n Wild’ is located in Oxenford, Gold Coast. It is situated adjacent to the Warner Bros. Movie World.

History of Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

This theme park was opened in the year 1984 on 30th of September. Initially, the park was known as Cade’s County Waterpark. The park was constructed at a cost of about A$18 million by the Herringe group of companies. The name went to certain changes. It became Cade’s County Wet’n’Wild and then the Wet’n’Wild in the year 1987. When the park came under the Village Road show Theme Parks’ ownership, the name was to Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World. In the year 2013, the name was finally changed to Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast.

Attractions And Things To Do

The park has rides for every age section.

If you are up for something extreme, head to the extreme H2O zone. The H2O Zone has some thrilling rides that can give you goosebumps. There are many extreme rides like blackhole, Mach 5, kamikaze and tornado. If you are a serious adventure junkie, do not miss any of these super thrilling rides. There are many amazing thrill rides that can give you an adrenaline rush like AquaLoop, Surfrider, Super 8, Constrictor, Flow Rider, SkyCoaster, River Rapids and Mammoth Falls.

Your little kids will also have a fun time. Take them to the family rides. The Whirpool Springs, Giant Wave Pool, Calypso Beach and Wet’ n Wild’ Junior will offer an unforgettable experience to the kids.

If you are tired and hungry, there are many options available to satisfy your hungry tummy. The Bombora Burger Bar serves delicious burgers. Head to the Oasis Ice Cream Parlour for some sweet treat.

There are many other options where you can get fingerlickig food like are Snack Shack, Go Frozen” Frozen Coke Bar, Natural Selections, Wraps ‘n’ Rolls, Calypso Bar, Clocktower Coffee and Dominos 2 Go.

You can also involve in some retail therapy. There are two merchandise stores in the park.


Going by the numbers, Wet’ n Wild’ Gold Coast became 1st in Australia and 8th in the world to receive about 1,095,000 visitors in the year 2009.

It is one of the 7 water parks under the Wet’ n Wild’ banner, running globally.

The movie Inbetweeners 2 (2014 British comedy film) was also filmed here.

Have you been to the Wet’nWild’ Gold Coast Theme park? Have you enjoyed the the extreme rides of this theme park? Have you experienced a sudden adrenaline rush at the park ? Share your experiences with us, here.

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