Tips On How To Do Your Boys Haircuts At Home

Doing Boy’s Haircuts At Home

These days parents want to be part of every part of their children’s growth process. This involves the parents wanting to do boys haircuts at home. Doing your little man’s haircut is a good thing because it helps you bond more with them and also gives you the opportunity to save the money you could have paid to the barber.

Doing your own child’s toddler is easy, especially if you know what to do and at what stage exactly. The toddlers might be difficult to deal with, but if you understand yours well, you can comfortably go through the process with no shortcomings. Here are tips on how to do your boys haircuts at home.

1. The Basics

You mustn’t force the little guy to sit and get his hair cut because this will only worsen the situation. You should make him comfortable with the process to avoid any kind of resistance.

It is also important that you stick to the boys haircuts that you have always done on your boy rather than introducing new looks all of a sudden.

Before starting the cutting process, make sure that the boy’s hair is dry and well combed after cleaning. This helps you have a clear view of how deep you want the haircut to go and the exact length of hair you want to leave on the scalp.

If your child’s hair is naturally curly or wavy, you should let it dry by itself before cutting, and if the hair is straight and thick, you can blow dry it in preparation for cutting.

2. Prepare For the Process

Toddlers are easily distracted, so it is important to be well-prepared before starting the cutting.

Ensure that you prepare the working area and collect every tool you will need like scissors from to make the process smooth and versatile. As you do the cutting, there must be an easy accessibility of equipment.

When doing the boys haircuts on your own, you should also ensure your toddler is comfortable to avoid scaring them away because the cuts are not very much friendly. You can give them their favorite toys or switch the tv to their favorite shows as a way of destroying them as you do the haircut.

3. Tips on Medium to Long Hair

If you want to leave medium to long hair from the haircut, you should have the boy tilt their head all the way to the chest. This makes it easy to cut the underneath hair because their head and neck are small, and it might be challenging to do it when the head is straight up.

When cutting the hair, you should do it in sections to allow for correcting any mistakes while cutting. Dealing with one section at a time also minimizes the chances of choppiness because you can easily balance off the hair in the next section.

To come up with textured boys haircuts, you will need to get the hair pieces twisted before cutting them to the desired length. This is the best way to come up with more soft and forgiving ends.

4. Tips On Short Hair

If the haircut you are looking forward to features short hair as the final look. You should make use of a wide-toothed combing brush to lay the hair down before doing the cutting.

It is also important that you let the hair fall out naturally when doing the cut rather than holding it in between your fingers. This is because you will leave the hair short at the end of the day, so there is no need to hold it up.

5. Tips On Bangs

When doing the bangs boys haircuts, you will need to have the bangs ending up on the higher points from the brows.

Begin by determining the amount of hair you want to use for the bangs and then comb it towards the face. After that, carefully cut the hair in sections until you reach the desired length of bangs.

While cutting the bangs, you should be careful to prevent the hair chopped from falling into his eyes because this will make him uncomfortable and complicate the whole process.

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