The Rainy Season in Australia is On: How to Stay Dry When Going Outdoors

You can expect a lot of rain in Australia from November to April. Some parts will get more showers than others, but if you live in some of the big cities, chances are you’re getting soaked without realizing rain was coming at least once.

Noticing the clouds in the sky and the chance for rain means getting adequately protected. You want to stay dry in the rain because it instantly means getting sick. When you get wet, your immune system struggles to defeat the viruses and bacteria as it is focused on overcoming the cold that the rain caused.

In this article, we share the essentials for rainy weather. If you see it’s raining outside, you shouldn’t cancel all your plans, but you should be happy to get the chance to wear your rain clothes. What are these clothes? Keep reading and learn the five essentials for rainy days in Australia.

1. An umbrella for city walks

The first thing that most people pop into their mind when someone mentions rain is an umbrella. The umbrella keeps the raindrops away from you. You never know when it might pour, so you better be protected. Always have at least a few different umbrellas at home, work, and car.

Having a walk around the city, to the grocery store, or somewhere else, it’s best to wear an umbrella. There’s something romantic about umbrellas, too. It’s so soothing walking in the rain with this item protecting you and listening for the raindrops on it while you’re entirely safe.

2. Rain jacket to enjoy the rain

Back in the day, fabrics were only good to keep you warm, but only a specific type that was highly expensive and made of pure leather was good enough for rainy moments. Today, we have clothes made to perfection that will protect you from the water and not let a single drop touch your skin.

A rain jacket is clothing made of polyester and polyurethane on the outside and other comfortable materials on the inside to provide flawless rain protection. A raincoat for women is even made good-looking to suit the high demands for fashion. These jackets and coats are excellent for spending more time in the rain outside.  

3. Rain boots are a must

Aside from rain falling from the sky directly on your head, it is also everywhere around you as the water is splashed on the ground. No place on earth is perfectly flat. You can’t expect water to be non-existing under your feet when it’s raining. Instead, you’ll probably have to battle puddles to get your way to your destination.

When you walk through these puddles with ordinary shoes, you’ll get wet, and this is a sure recipe for catching the flu. Get yourself a cool pair of rain boots. Shoes that will be entirely water resistant. Various brands and models on the market will look and feel excellent while doing a magnificent job on these rainy days.

4. Opt for water-resistant gloves

Along with the rain jacket, you need water-resistant gloves. If you’re wearing this type of jacket, you’re probably working somewhere outside, and you need your hands. You might be hiking through nature or doing something else without having your hands in your pockets.

Search through the stores for gloves that are comfortable and water-resistant. These are the same ones used for snow, but they can also be valuable for rainy moments. The gloves protect your hands from getting soaked and are also excellent for keeping you warm.

5. A raincoat that’s good for biking

A raincoat covering your entire body from head to toe is excellent for those who go to work by bike. When the rain starts pouring, everyone gets inside their cars except those who are prepared for the challenge. Bikers who have raincoats get to work stress-free, while everyone else commutes to work for hours.

Most commonly made see-through, these raincoats are made of plastic. They are placed over the rest of the clothes, which can be everything we mentioned above or ordinary office clothes. The coat guarantees that rain will do nothing for you, and if you handle wheel splash ideally, you’ll stay dry.


Many people will stay home and cancel all their plans when it’s raining. You mustn’t let the weather control your life. Sometimes, you must complete your tasks no matter the weather. In both cases, getting equipped perfectly is vital.

The clothes we discussed above are perfect for rain. They will protect you and never let you become wet. You can do whatever you want outside and never worry about getting sick. The materials used are waterproof, and the experience when you’re wearing them is fantastic. Get these items and enjoy the rain.

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