How Different Cultures Define Our Kinks And Tips How To Explore Yours

A lot of people’s fetishes and sexual interests are centered around other countries and cultures. For example, some people can’t get off unless it’s to pornography produced in Japan. If you have very specific sexual interests and are very attracted to people from a specific country or culture, then it’s fair to say that that culture defines your kink.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have any specific attraction to people from another country, then maybe it’s time to explore your kinks. This post will tell you exactly how you can do that:



Cam Girls

If you want to know whether or not people from other cultures and countries turn you on, then cam girl sites are one of the best places for you to visit. There is a broad range of different performers on these sites, from Korean amateurs to professional Colombian pornographers. If you are going to use a cam girl site, then the first thing that you should know is that they usually aren’t free. More often than not, a subscription is required. The advantage to using one of these sites compared to traditional porn sites is that you are able to get customized and unique content, created exclusively for you. A cam girl site will help you to learn to talk to women, as well. This is because you can directly communicate with cam girls through their pages’ DM sections.

Dating Sites

You can also use dating sites. Most dating sites will allow you to customize your location settings, which then enables you to match with people from different countries. You should be aware when you are doing this that the people with whom you are matching might not speak any English. You might have to learn to speak their language before you can communicate with them. An alternative to this is using an online translator service. Bear in mind that online translator services aren’t perfect and can be very hard to use sometimes because they make inaccurate translations.

Online Forums

Online forums dedicated to a specific country or culture can also be good places to go in search of romantic interests. It’s worth noting that forums like this tend to be frequented predominantly by men alone, which means if you are looking for a woman, you might not have much success using them. One good thing about these sites however is that the men who do use them will be able to give you tips and advice on how to approach women from the country or culture that you are interested in, in addition to telling you good places to find them.


Documentaries are a great way of learning about new cultures and countries, which can help you to determine whether or not you have a sexual attraction to that nation’s men or women. If you are going to watch documentaries, then try to find ones created by people from the culture in which you are interested. Western documentaries about other cultures can be very misleading and inaccurate. A documentary created by people from the country you are interested in will be a lot more accurate and realistic. Try to watch documentaries specifically about dating, if that’s what you are interested in.


Pornography is by far one of this list’s most effective ways of determining whether or not you are interested in men or women from another culture or country. Cam girl sites are just a form of pornography (and probably the best, if you want to make connections). Pornography sites are very impersonal, meaning that there’s almost no way for you to contact and communicate with the content creators that you watch. You can still figure out whether or not you have an attraction to a specific race using pornographic sites, however, which is after all that you are trying to do.


Escort Services

An escort service is something that’s 100% worth considering. Escort services are the next step after determining your sexual interests and kinks. You can hire an escort from almost any race, culture, and religion. Before hiring an escort, make sure that it’s legal to do so in the country where you live. If escorting is illegal, then reaching out to one will be an arrestable and prosecutable offense. Most escorts are very affordable, but if you want a luxury escort, then you could have to pay over a thousand dollars for just a few hours.

Not everybody’s attracted to people from their own country and culture. If you are one such person, then it’s fair to say that other cultures define your kinks. The most important thing to do when you are realizing your own culture does nothing for you is to figure out who does. This article should have helped you with that.



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