The Best Money Transfer App for International Travel

The top money transfer applications keep it short to send money to family members and friends while also paying for products and services using your mobile or another smartphone.

Due to banks’ reluctance to adopt the internet, a variety of third-party developers were capable of creating technologies that made transfers of money among people simple and painless. Even though banks have improved online money transfers to be more accessible, even through applications, overseas transactions continue to be difficult to perform without the aid of a third-party money transfer.

Here is where fund transfer applications, which have grown in popularity in the same manner as personal finance software has. Transfer applications allow you to move money throughout the world in multiple currencies in a straightforward, easy, and painless manner. There is generally a price for such transactions, so make sure to check the costs, but the top providers usually offer affordable rates that are worth the extra cost of convenience.

Security is a crucial aspect of money transfer applications, guaranteeing that your payments are secure through a variety of features, including robust encryption between devices.

1. Wise

Wise makes international money transfers affordable, fair, and easy. Their multi-currency tool allows you to handle over 40 currencies effortlessly in one spot. With the Wise app, you can transfer money to people from over 50 countries.

– For each transaction, the real, mid-market exchange rate is used.

– It has a unified, low-cost pricing structure that is simple to grasp.

– There are also no minimum or maximum transfer amounts.

Wise is among the most popular sites for sending money to India, with over 5 million active monthly users. It includes an honors application that allows you to send money to other people, family, and businesses while on the road. Wise is not always the cheapest alternative on the marketplace for your specific operation, however, its price comparison function will alert you immediately.

Your receiver does not require a Wise account to receive funds because they may be paid directly to their designated bank account. No worries if you don’t know their account information! You may also donate money to them just by utilizing their email address.

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2. Monzo

Monzo is a money transfer app internationally used by over 3 million individuals in the UK to spend and send money, with the app-based bank seen as a creative substitute for traditional UK banking. Monzo has teamed with Wise to provide international money transfer services, so you can send money anywhere in the world. This implies the same low costs, the real exchange rate, and speedy, dependable payments – all without having to leave the Monzo app.

– You may send money to 35 different currencies, which include EUR and USD.

– Low, clear transfer costs with no surprises.

– Use the mid-market real exchange rate when sending money.

Monzo is a fantastic, simple method to integrate foreign payments into your regular banking. It’s all done through a single app, which is accessible for both iOS and Android. Best of all, you’ll save money. It will cost the same as utilizing Wise directly, and there will be no hidden markup, as you may encounter with other suppliers.

3. Paypal

We weren’t about to keep PayPal out of a discussion regarding transfers of money, were we? The service has grown commonplace in eCommerce, but the company’s purchase of the aforementioned Venmo indicated that it still had work to do to promote itself with a popular service for peer-to-peer transactions.

Everyone has heard of PayPal, and many of us use it regularly. It’s omnipresent, and it’s utilized for various online payments all over the internet. PayPal money transfers are rapid and simple.

– It’s a quick and easy method to send money internationally.

– To send money straight to overseas bank accounts, use the Xoom service.

– The cross-border cost for personal payments is 5% of the transaction value.

You may use it to execute online money transactions internationally swiftly and conveniently, using the PayPal app, or simply by entering into your PayPal account. Currency conversion is performed at the currency rate specified by PayPal, therefore you are unlikely to receive the mid-market exchange rate. ¹ If your receiver has a PayPal account, you can also transfer money to them using only their email address.

4. Xoom money transfer

Xoom is a world currency transfer service that lets you send money to more than 130 different countries.

– The Xoom charges are fair.

– Keep track of statuses and notifications around the clock, seven days a week.

– Transfers are incredibly speedy, taking only just a few minutes in certain cases.

Xoom is a PayPal-backed platform that makes it simple and secure to move money worldwide. It means it is possible to use a PayPal-linked bank or card, but not your PayPal balance, then you’ll have exposure to PayPal’s security safeguards. All payments will have a transaction fee, but the amount won’t be shown until just before the process is completed. Based on where you’re sending and receiving money.

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5. Azimo

Azimo is a neat operation that provides quick and straightforward transfers to a variety of nations, with instantaneous or one-hour alternatives available. There’s also the advantage of delivery to chosen nations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the normal weekend delays. In addition, first-time customers are entitled to two free transfers.

Even though Azimo has only been in business for a decade, its online company already spans over 200 countries. Customers may transfer money using a variety of methods, and the service supports around 80 different currencies. Bank deposits, mobile wallets, and cash are examples, albeit the coronavirus outbreak has diminished the desire for actual monetary transactions.

– Send to more than 195 countries.

– Reasonably modest costs May vary based on destination.

– No costs on the first two transfers for new users.


– Regular status updates on your transaction.

Azimo has a reasonable price structure, a terrific introductory offer, and a large client base, including over 1 million members. You may not obtain the mid-market rate of exchange with Azimo, but they will give you an idea of the price before processing your transfer.

6. Worldremit Money Transfer

WorldRemit allows you to transfer money utilizing an entirely online service that is popular due to its affordable prices and good possibilities for transferring money around using an iOS or Android app.

The money transfer system is certainly adaptable since it provides a variety of alternative options for sending money. Debit, credit, and prepaid cards are available, as well as bank transfers, Poli, Interac, iDEAL, Klarna, Apple Pay, and Trustly. WorldRemit, on the other hand, no longer allows Google Pay.

Transfers can be processed like bank deposits, and in certain situations in less than 10 minutes. Alternatively, beneficiaries can opt for a cash pickup, mobile money, or an airtime top-up. When the transfer is complete, WorldRemit delivers an SMS to both you and the receiver. There is also the option of obtaining FCA clearance and a complete license for the operation.

– There are no transfer minimums.

– Fees start at £0.99 and go up from there (destination dependent).

– A free initial transfer is offered to new users as an introductory offer.

It’s ideal for transferring little sums to friends and family because there are no transfer minimum requirements and a variety of options to receive the money, including airtime top-ups and mobile wallets. WorldRemit adds a markup to the currency rate, therefore you will almost certainly not obtain the mid-market rate. ⁷ Their app protects your money with industry-leading technology, so you can anticipate exceptionally high levels of security and service.

7. Skrill

Skrill is a low-cost money-transfer company that has specialized in electronic payments since 2001. It provides fast, inexpensive, and secure payments to 45 countries via the Skrill app.

– The mid-market real exchange rate is used.

It’s quick, with many payments completed inside a single day.

– Some big countries, like the United States, do not yet have it.

While Skrill is undeniably a cheap and quick way to transmit money, the app may be hampered by the comparatively small number of countries to which you may send money. For example, you can’t use it to transfer cash to a bank account in the United States, which may frustrate some potential customers. You may still send to Skrill Wallets, but both users must have a Skrill account.

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8. Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union is a money transfer expert, and they now offer a handy app that you can use to transfer cash internationally. You may send money to over 200 nations and territories across the world using a simple, user-friendly transfer method. You may use dedicated websites to locate a Western Union branch in the United Kingdom.

– Money may be sent to over 200 nations and territories.

– The use of cutting-edge technology guarantees that transfers are both convenient and dependable.

– The delivery time ranges from minutes to two business days.

Western Union is among the most prominent profiles of any money transfer service, with a rich history to back up that statement. As a consequence, you have a plethora of possibilities, particularly now that this worldwide service can be accessed via your smartphone

9. Moneygram

MoneyGram is yet another well-known and long-standing name in the money transfer market. Because of the organization’s size and complexity, funds can be transferred practically everywhere; however, costs vary based on where the money is going.

The same would be true for charges, with a tier-based pricing system indicating what to anticipate in terms of expenses. Moving money through a bank is frequently the less expensive option as compared to using a credit or debit card. Likewise, rather than having individuals pick up cash, having cash available in a bank card at the destination is another way to save money.

MoneyGram has over 400 financial partners worldwide, allowing you to send money directly to your recipient’s bank account.

– Depending on the currency, there may be restrictions to the amount you may transfer.

– You may check the progress of your transfer using your account.

– Fees vary according to where you’re transferring, how much you’re sending, and also how you pay.

MoneyGram makes it easy to transfer data money in even more than 200 countries. All of their products are designed with the user in mind, offering safe and easy ways to send cash to ‘friends, relatives, and loved ones all around the world.’ You may send up to £7,600.00 every internet transfer in most countries, therefore you can start offering £7,600.0012 each 30 calendar days. The software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

10. Starling bank

Starling Bank is a software bank that offers a different approach to traditional banking. They have a large selection of items for both personal and corporate use.

– Reasonably priced services.

– Send money to 38 countries in 20 different currencies.

– Simple-to-use app for sending money internationally.

It’s simple to send money abroad because everything can be done inside the app in a matter of minutes. They also have reasonable costs, although it’s always a good idea to check the specific rates for your payment because they might vary based on the intended currency. When transferring money overseas, though, you’ll be charged a 0.4 percent transaction fee. For a fixed cost of £5.50, you may transmit money using the SWIFT network.

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11. Venmo

Venmo’s money transfer app, which leverages the influence of parent company PayPal, is popular with both consumers and businesses. Venmo’s social feature is the most appealing to users, with the option to share purchase updates with other customers in your social network.

The application works similarly to a digital wallet, enabling quick and easy peer-to-peer payments, which is extremely useful for transferring money to friends. Perhaps you could divide the expense of food? Venmo is perfect for making sure that almost everyone pays their payments on time. Even more, there have been no monthly or annual fees, although credit cards do cost a 3% charge if you don’t really have any options.

Payments are done using a bank account or debit card connected to your account, making it extremely simple to set up and use Venmo. Money can also be transferred directly if you have enough funds in your Venmo wallet. If you can’t wait for Venmo’s one to the three-day payment schedule, there’s a 1% fee if you transfer money from your Venmo account to a bank account.

Daily money management is equally simple, with a variety of settings enabling you to utilize it as required, with Public, Friends, and Private choices proving useful for various payment circumstances. Venmo also offers the option of sending payments via contactless payment QR code, which really is ideal for quick transactions that are guaranteed to reach the intended recipient.

Are money transfer apps safe?

Money apps are thought to be more secure than cash since most enable you to set up an account with a passcode and utilize two-factor authentication mechanisms (such as sending verification numbers) to confirm your identity and the person to who you’re sending money.

Similarly, using a money app is preferable to sending a cheque since it conceals your bank account and routing information from the individual receiving it. By enrolling in a money transfer app, you are effectively letting anyone make a digital payment to you without revealing any of your protected account information, merely your user ID or email address/phone number. Unlike cash, digital payments cannot be lost.

Because digital money applications allow you to transfer money to anybody with an account, the one negative is that if you’re not careful, it’s simple to send money to the incorrect person. Additional safeguards, including QR-code scanning, SMS or email verification, unique user IDs, and profile photos, are used by certain services to verify that your money is transferred to the correct person.

Things to consider when choosing a provider

Select examined over a dozen choices supplied by the biggest firms in this sector to discover the best money-sending apps. We cut down our rating by only including applications that met the following criteria:


When it comes to global money transfer services, pricing will always be a major deciding factor for most clients. The transfer charge and the exchange rate are the two most important factors to consider.

It’s vital to remember that the mark-up on the mid-market real’ exchange rate may be equal to or greater than the transfer charge. For comparisons, Google, XE, or Yahoo Finance can always provide the true exchange rate. Each app on our list provides low-cost (or no-cost) conventional bank transfers, with extra costs applied when spending with credit cards and/or demanding quick money transfers.


It’s often just as vital to know wherever your money is and when it’ll come as it is to know how much it costs. Sometimes all you need to do is send money as soon as feasible. If you need something right away, seek a company that offers same-day or next-day delivery. The applications on this list provide several benefits, including a speedy transfer time with under five business days and the convenience with which you may connect your bank account to the app.


Money transfer applications have the advantage of being extremely convenient. They can be used on the go, allowing you to send money over the world with only a few clicks. Unlike traditional foreign money orders, which can take weeks or months to arrive, your receiver will get their funds in only a few days.

When looking for the top money transfer applications, consider how simple it is to sign up for and use them. Money-to-email services from certain providers make it simple to send money by allowing you to send money directly to recipients’ bank accounts without them having to join up for the transfer service.

Customer support

What occurs if your transfer fails to go as planned? You urgently require the aid of a support crew. Look for businesses that have a reputation for providing prompt and courteous customer service. What transpires if your transfer fails to go as planned? You urgently require the aid of a support crew. Look for businesses that have a reputation for offering prompt and courteous customer service. Apps with at least two security features were picked, such as two-factor authentication and fraud detection.

User reviews and rating

Every software in our collection has a huge amount of positive customer reviews and ratings. Every app on this list has at least one million comments in the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android), as well as a rating of at least four stars (out of 5).

In addition to these basic necessities, several of the applications mentioned above include noteworthy features such as social sharing, investment possibilities, and flexible payment methods (such as the ability to pay overtime).

Geographic location

Unfortunately, not all applications are available in every area. Many tempting payment processing services are geographically and nationally limited. So, when determining which one to go with, always choose the ones that are appropriate for your region.


Money transfer applications, often known as peer-to-peer payments, allow you to move money from one location to another very instantly. This means you won’t have to worry about counting out cash, taking out your checkbook, or having an awkward “I’ll get you next time” chat the next time you and a friend decide to split a happy hour bar tab. Instead, pull out your smartphone and use it to begin a transfer from your bank or credit card. Depending on the app, these transfers are either charged a nominal price or are completely free.

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