What Is An Aluminium Composite Panels – Best Building Material?

The appearance of the building and its protection from atmospheric fluctuations directly depend on choosing the facade material. It is important to know the features of the main methods of finishing, so as not to be disappointed in the performance of the facade. Aluminium composite panel is an ultra-modern cladding material used to decorate facades, interior walls, outdoor advertising, and create non-standard interior solutions. Composite panels are made of two outer aluminium layers and an inner layer, which consists of 70-90% of mineral filler. This design provides lightness of the material and excellent anti-corrosion and thermal insulation properties of the panels.

Advantages of aluminium composite panel Sydney

There are a plethora of benefits of aluminium panels:

  • Ease of transportation and installation. Composite panels have a low weight, and the technique of panel installation does not require special equipment and training of workers.
  • Long-term operation. The service life of aluminium panels is at least 50 years, including serving in outdoor conditions.
  • High level of fire and ultraviolet radiation resistance. The panels retain their bright colour and external attractiveness in all weather conditions for decades.
  • Aluminium composite panel prices are pretty normal. Purchasing such a material is a very profitable solution.
  • The small weight of aluminium panels helps reduce the pressure on the walls and facades of buildings.
  • High levels of noise insulation and vibration resistance.
  • The panels are resistant to dirt and do not require special care, natural precipitation is enough to wash the facade.
  • Aluminium composite panels are flexible and elastic, which allows you to use the material to embody unusual design solutions, as well as decorate surfaces of any shape.


Aluminium composite panel prices and types

Types of composite panels differ in the field of their use:

  1. Panels for interior decoration are thin, up to 3 mm thick and PE coating;
  2. Aluminium composite panel for facade cladding has a thickness of 4 mm and has a stable coating to the external environment.

Prices for composite panels depend on their type, purpose, manufacturer’s brand, as well as colour and texture solutions. The customer can buy aluminium composite panels of various shades and designs:

  • Large range of one-colour panels of different shades.
  • Panels that mimic the textures of other materials (brick, stone, concrete, wood, mirror, metal, marble, granite panels).
  • Panels with 3D effects and chameleon effect, when the colour hue changes depending on the viewing angle.

Aluminium composite panel Sydney can be purchased for use in commercial facilities, for cladding the houses (cottages and country cottages), for the car center, at gas stations, airports, bus stations, as well as for interior decoration indoors. This material is also ideal for ventilated facades.


How to choose an aluminium composite panel?

The use of composite panels solves the most complex architectural problems in the construction of new and renovation of existing buildings. When choosing Aluminium composite panel Sydney, it is important to consider several characteristics:

  • features of operation – inside the house or outside;
  • panel size – thickness, length and width;
  • negative factors – ultraviolet rays, high humidity, sharp temperature changes and others;
  • design features of the model.

Aluminium composite panel prices depend on many indicators that are important to consider in the selection process. One of the most significant aspects is the scope of panels. Based on where the material will be used, you can choose the ideal option for the work, which will fully meet the basic technical requirements of this field. Specialists of the Australian office will help each buyer decide on the right choice and purchase a durable and reliable material!

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