Summer Pest Control Tips To Keep Pests At Bay

Top 5 Tips For Controlling Pests In Australia

As long as you can stand the heat, Australian summers are great. However, insects and other pests love the warm weather too. Mosquitoes are just one of the pests that thrive in warm conditions, making Summer a hotspot for dealing with rodents and insects alike.

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If you want to get through the summer without worrying about an infestation in your home, follow these 5 tips for summer pest control tips to keep pests at bay.

1. Patch Holes, Weatherproofing, and Screens

Almost every type of house pest relies on holes in the exterior of your home to get in. Holes in the roof, cracks in the foundation, and rips in a screen door are just a few entry points that pests will take advantage of.

If you want to prevent infestations, the first step is to physically stop insects and rodents from coming in. Inspect the exterior of your home from foundation to roof for any cracks or holes and patch them, and replace any screens that are not creating a solid barrier between your home and the environment. If they don’t have a path inside, they’re much less likely to cause a problem.

2. Store and Dispose of Food Properly

Possums, ants, and a variety of other pests are attracted by food inside or outside the home. Exposed garbage cans are a goldmine for a hungry possum, so sealing the lids of your bins can prevent them making a mess and deciding to come back another day for some more food. You can also ensure all food is sealed and any messes inside the home are cleaned up immediately to prevent ants and other insects from being attracted to the inside of your home.

3. Keep Bushes, Trees, and Wood Sources Away From Your Home

Many insects hide in foliage outside your home, waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump on yourself or your pet. Once they are inside, they can escape and begin reproducing, leading to a potential infestation. It is best to keep any plants or trees near your home trimmed and away from the exterior of your home or within your walkway. For termites, keep any source of wood far away from your home so that they are not drawn to it, making it easier for them to find your home and come inside.

4. Clean Animals Before They Come Inside

Fido may love playing outside, but pests love to play on Fido even more. Outdoor dogs, cats, and other pets that play where bugs live are at risk of picking up fleas, mosquitoes, and other hitchhikers to bring into your home. If your pet comes and goes freely, be sure to use a flea and tick treatment or collar that repels as many bugs as possible. It is also wise to clean animals with flea shampoo regularly to avoid the fast-multiplying pest from taking over your home.

5. Place Chemical Treatments, Traps, and Bait

When you have an infestation in the making, chemical treatments may be required to address the problem before it can grow. There are a variety of pesticides that can be used in localized areas, such as ant traps or cockroach bait that kill single pests before they can reproduce. Chemical insecticides like termiticide can be used to treat active infestations by filling in holes of the wood that have been eaten, poisoning any termite that takes a bit. Home exteriors can also be sprayed with chemical treatments on entryways or openings to ward off pests.

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Summer Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests at Bay

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