Is Neutering or Spaying Cats and Dogs morally wrong or right?

Is it ethically wrong or right the spaying and neutering pets?

It is a never ending debate, so before going in the depth, let’s clear the meaning of these both terms.

What is Neutering or Spaying in cats and dogs?

Neutering or Spaying in cats and dogs is a surgical procedure performed by veterinarians to remove some organs from the pets to make them incapable for reproduction. Spaying a cat (female) means her ovaries and uterus are removed entirely. Neutering a cat (male) means that surgical treatment done by vets to remove his testicles.

Why should you neuter or spay your pets?

Spaying or neutering is a way to stop overpopulation of cats and dogs. Un-spayed cats can bring 4-8 kittens each time. Each kitten can become adult in age of just 4 months which means within period of 2 years, you will have 100+ cats at home.

Even a single cat or dog has a lot of expenses such as premium food, litter, and medical bills are considered monthly based expenses while there are other expenses too such as buying toys, beddings, treats, pet’s furniture, litter boxes, dresses and what not are uncountable expenses.

So, what if you will have 100+ cats and dogs in just 2 years? At least a salaried person can’t afford such huge number of pets.

There are more people against of neutering male pets while they are okay about spaying a female pet.

The people who support the idea, say; that there are thousands of unwanted pets already living a miserable life so we shouldn’t be part of bringing more.

Why shouldn’t you neuter or spay your pets?

Pets are like family members, if you have a cat and dog at home for about 6+ months, you must start feeling him/her as your own child. Will you ever do this to your own son or daughter? Or will you be fine for such treatment on you? As being human, we have carve for bring babies and starting families, why our pets shouldn’t have same desire? Petting a cat or dog makes you his/her owner in this world but you should prove yourself a responsible owner to feed him/her well and providing the best luxury life as per your budget.

Being human, we shouldn’t go against of natural process of lifecycle. You should not neuter or spay you pet as it is totally against of nature.

We have a best answer for those who say we can control population or we need to control the population.  There are the wolves or other wild animals who aren’t living with you, how they are controlling their population naturally?

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Yes or No?

#1 – Behavioural Issues

Supporters say that such treatment will bring positive change in your pet’s behaviour else streets fights etc. can increase your pet’s medical bills.

The people who are against it say; you should spend sometime with your pet to teach him/her good manners. And. if you can’t give time to your pet, you shouldn’t have the pet at all. Behavioural issues aren’t because of not being spay or neuter but because your pets need your time & affection and when you don’t give proper time, they react accordingly.

#2- Health Issues

Positive: Some major diseases like cancer can be avoided by performing this operation. Having many litters can cause health issues in cats and dogs.

Negative: This treatment can also be unhealthy for your pet. If reproduction would be unhealthy, it wouldn’t be natural as it is. So, we can’t be doubtful in natural lifecycle processes.

#3- Religious Value

Is spaying or neutering allowed in any religion? 

All the religions based on nature. Dissolving someone’s rights couldn’t be allowed in any religion so how any religion can allow to snatch right of parenting from animals?

The point of expenses or costs of petting these animals!

Being religious, we have firm believe that whatever we are making (in terms of money) is given by God. God has created number of income sources for us. So, will it be hard for God to increase your income so you can spend more on HIS creatures?

Final Words:

Before booking an appoint for spaying or neutering a cat/dog. Ask to yourself. Can you do it with you? your spouse or your own kids too? If not then why with this innocent creature who is fully depending on you?

Instead, you can spend more time playing with your adorable pet to divert his/her attention. It will keep him/her calm in those days of on heat.

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