Father Raised His 6 Children Without Internet in The Woods And This is How They Turned Up

Dad Raises Children in Nature and This is How it Turns Out

In the Pacific Northwest’s forests, a father dedicated to providing a rigorous physical and intellectual education for his six children is forced to leave his paradise and face the world after they learn of their mother’s death; now they must be courageous and return to civilization to attend her burial. questioning his conception of what it means to be a parent

The mother of this little clan (Trin Miller’s Leslie) is hospitalised for bipolar disorder before the film begins, leaving Dad as “captain” of the ship. He puts his children through battle training, boot camp drills, and the rite of chasing and killing a deer alone to welcome his oldest son Bodevan (George MacKay) into adulthood. They read works like Guns, Germs, and Steel, Middlemarch, and Dostoevsky over a campfire at night. They fight like tiny robots about capitalism and exploited classes, with Bodevan declaring to his father at one point “I’m no longer a Trotskyist. I identify as a Maoist.”

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(In this family, “Trotsky-ist” is a compliment and “Trotsky-ite” is a derogatory term.) In the Soviet Union, it’s like 1929.) The children miss their mother and are eager to learn when she will return. When Ben learns that Leslie has committed suicide, he tells the kids in no uncertain terms.

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