Several Multiversus Founder’s Packs Have Been Announced, All With Instant Beta Access

Beginning On July 26 And Next Week, Multiversus Open Beta Will Be Available

By July 26, MultiVersus will be made publicly accessible via an open beta. Still, those who cannot wait to play a supercharged Shaggy parody of Bugs Bunny and Velma may start playing the game right away. The game’s publisher Warner Bros. Games is now offering three Founder’s Pack levels, each of which grants players instant access to this month’s open beta and additional cosmetic unlocks and premium money.

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The default pass, which costs $39.99 and is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, is where it all begins. With this pass, players will be able to immediately begin playing the game and obtain the following goods and currencies:

  • For quick character unlocking, receive 15 character tokens.
  • a single unique banner (Rare)
  • 300 Gleamium, the in-game currency of choice

The Deluxe Founder’s Pass adds the first premium battle pass to the game for $59.99. This pack has the following immediate advantages in addition to beta access and the potential to acquire cosmetics gradually:

  • 20 character tokens that instantly unlock characters
  • a single unique banner (Rare)
  • Single Banner (Epic)
  • A single ringing effect (Epic)
  • Gleamium 1,000

Anyone fully committed to MultiVersus will also pay $99.99 for the Premium Founder’s Pass. It comes with a variety of aesthetic advantages, which are detailed below, in addition to beta access and three distinct premium combat passes:

  • Instant character unlocks with 30 character tokens
  • a single unique banner (Rare)
  • Single Banner (Epic)
  • Single Banner (Legendary)
  • A single ringing effect (Epic)
  • a single nameplate
  • Gleamium 2,500

It is also important to note that PlayStation Plus members can access a special cosmetic bundle. This contains the Dark Matter Ring out Effect, a Waterfall Banner, and a fight skin for the primary character Reindog. Interestingly, the founder’s packs, which cost real money, are nonspecific, whereas the PlayStation Plus box contains particular cosmetics.

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The MultiVersus beta has begun; here is how to sign up.

It is almost time for MultiVersus, the first video game to realize Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and Superman from Superman could probably fight. This indicates that there is an open beta you may participate in as it is a fighting game with internet multiplayer.

A free open beta will start for most gamers on July 26. Still, there are a few ways players may access the test’s Early Access phase, which begins today.

The first way is buying the MultiVersus Founder’s Pack, which comes with instant beta access, character unlocks, premium cash, and other premium stuff for the free-to-play game. The alternative way to obtain a code is watching gamers with Twitch Drops activated while streaming. Players who took part in the last MultiVersus closed alpha will also get early access to the beta.

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The open beta is accessible on the Xbox One, Windows PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. All of these platforms enable cross-play and cross-progression. Owning your pals with sick Bugs Bunny air combos is still legal in beta as it is in 1.0; however, a precise release date is still to be determined.

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